What do you mean by throwing up

Throw up - 21 jokes

"Mommy, Mommy, there are lumps in the pulp."

"Yes, do you mean I'm throwing up through the sieve because of you!"

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You: "I think your sarcasm sucks!"

He: "Shall I hold your hair?"

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A giraffe and a bunny are talking.

Says the giraffe: "Bunny, if you only knew how nice it is to have a long neck. That's so great! Every delicious leaf I eat slowly wanders down my long neck and I enjoy this delicacy for so long."

The bunny looks blankly at the giraffe.

"And only in summer, bunny, I tell you, the cool water is so deliciously refreshing when it slowly slides down my long neck. It's soooo nice, just great to have such a long neck. Bunny, can you imagine it !? "

Bunny without emotion: "Have you ever puked?"

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If the farmer's wife cooks rotten eggs, the farmer pukes like a heron!

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Three women sit over coffee and tell each other how their husbands bowling evening went.

Says the first: "There must have been something going on again. Mine came home totally drunk again. Only made it to the front door and then puked on the stairs. I left him. You can't get him up! "

The second says: "At least mine made it to the bathroom. But then he puked me next to the toilet. I also left him. He could clean up the mess himself!"

Says the third: "Mine came to bed! But then he started fumbling with me. Sticks his index and middle fingers up my buttocks, thumbs into my pussy and all of a sudden he says: 'Guys, I need a new ball the holes are wet ...! '"

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