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Provide proof of abstinence from the MPU: That is what counts!


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You will not pass the MPU without proof of abstinence

Are drivers due to Alcohol or drug use If they become suspicious in traffic, they usually have to go to a medical-psychological examination (MPU). The Authorities require in the course of the investigation that the graduates with their consumption deal with.

Depending on the circumstances, this means permanent to stay away from intoxicants - otherwise they will get theirs Driver's licensenot going back.

If this is the case, those affected must Your will and your self-control with a Evidence of abstinence occupy.

Like this one to look has which costs arise and where you put your Demonstrate abstinence from drugs and alcohol you can find out below counselor.

Things to know about proof of abstinence

FAQ: Evidence of abstinence

Is proof of abstinence from the MPU compulsory?

If the MPU has been ordered because of alcohol or drugs behind the wheel, you will almost certainly be asked to provide evidence of abstinence. If the examination has been requested because of an overfilled points account, no proof of abstinence is normally required.

How can proof of abstinence be provided?

In the case of an MPU, evidence of abstinence is usually provided either by a urine or hair analysis.

How long do I have to provide evidence of abstinence?

If proof of abstinence is required as part of the MPU, this usually has to cover a period of six months or one year.

Where can I have the proof of abstinence carried out?

For proof of abstinence, you can contact TÜV and DEKRA, among others. In addition, health authorities, forensic medical facilities and appropriately trained doctors can also take the samples.

In this case, proof of abstinence is required for a successful MPU

Not any MPU is linked to proof of abstinence. It is always in Individual case decided which approach is appropriate. Basically is to be noted:

  • Have you been at Hard drug use caught, you must do a Drug abstinence prove
  • Proof of abstinence from alcohol is required at the latest when you come with more than 1.6 per mille sat behind the wheel.
Many an MPU participant also makes a decision voluntary for being abstinent and a corresponding one proof to provide. Another alternative is the "Controlled drinking" or "controlled consumption". Those affected waive this not completely on the intoxicants - apart from cannabis this procedure is excluded for drugs.

When it comes to proof of abstinence, deadlines must be observed: start early!

A arrangement to the MPU is to certain Deadlines bound - submit within the fixed period If you do not receive a positive opinion, your application will be re-issueddeclined.

Proof of abstinence must already be provided are presentwhen you sign up for the MPU Sign in - accordingly early you need to tackle your abstinence. Depending on the situation, you have six to twelve months Prove abstinence.

Depending on whether you are voluntary decide to provide proof of abstinence, or if you can get one from the driver's license office required the periods will vary.

Proof of abstinence from alcohol: How long do you have to voluntarily stay sober?

You decide voluntaryto prove abstinence from alcohol as part of the MPU, the period is usually six months.

Within that time you must at least four times for spontaneous control. The one you chose medical-psychological institute (MPI) sets the dates very much short term firmly.

Is no proof of abstinence When it comes to alcohol necessary for MPU, you should consider the alternative of controlled drinking Recital pull. Because even if you voluntarily refrain from alcohol, the will Traffic psychologist check carefully in conversation, how serious it is you with the intention.

The MPU requires proof of alcohol abstinence: Do not drink alcohol for one year

But how long must have proof of abstinence from an alcohol MPU To fall back onwhen it was officially ordered? The Benchmark is significantly higher in this case: As a rule, those affected have to to be abstinent for a whole yearbefore they are admitted to the MPU. Same Deadline also applies to a compulsory proof of abstinence for Drugs.

The twelve months of abstinence has to go through at least six controls be detected. You need to re Drugs abstinence is usually a period of twelve months to apply.

Cost of proof of abstinence

Sufficient earlier good liver valuesas evidence of abstinence, MPU offices nowadays require it more reliable Controls. Depending on whether you have your proof of abstinence in terms of alcohol by means of Urine or hair analysis obtain, you will incur different amounts costs.

MPU for alcohol: Evidence of urinary abstinence causes these costs

At a Urinalysis the ethyl glucuronide value (ETG value) of the urine is measured. The ETG is a Degradation product of the alcohol consumed, which in the liver arises. Only slightly alcoholic beverages - such as non-alcoholic beer or wine sauces - can do that Influence the ETG value.

Depending on Institute a urinalysis costs between 25 and 115 euros. Since you have to carry out such a process several times, the costs are included at least:

  • 100 to 460 euros with a six-month abstinence
  • 150 to 690 euros in the case of abstinence over a year

Does the proof of abstinence refer to drug consumption, are the prices significantly higher.

Evidence of abstinence by means of hair analysis: Proof is so expensive

Decide If you opt for evidence of abstinence using a hair analysis, you must be with higher cost calculate. Here are the fees for each test 25 to 220 euros for proof of alcohol abstinence. Would you like to prove abstinence from drugs, increase the costs are considerable.

Basically The following applies to proof of abstinence by means of hair analysis: This method is only possible if your hair neither dyed nor bleached are.

Also, your hair must at least three inches To be long. The rule is: one centimeter of hair equals one month. Only the top three centimeters examined. So you have to at least every three months for trial delivery.

About abstinence from drugs to prove two samples are also sufficient six centimeters each long hair. The shorter you want to keep your hair, the shorter more often you have to call for a check-up.

It is worth it, different providers to compare carefully. The extremely big ones Price ranges reflect the large number of institutes.

Apply for a certificate of abstinence from the TÜV?

A common MPU myth states that proof of abstinence is mandatory from the TÜV (south or north) or a MPU body must be acquired. Basically you can too free laboratories and institutes issue valid evidence.

condition this is that the four criteria for chemical-toxicological examination (CTU) be respected. These set:

  1. the frequency the analyzes and sampling,
  2. the framework conditions for Sample delivery - these are to ensure that no fake samples to be analyzed,
  3. Provisions for analysis in itself - this applies above all to the qualification the laboratory worker and
  4. Requirements for documentation of the collected results

firmly. Only labs that do their research within this framework are accepted by MPU bodies.

Respect, think highly of You explicitly insist that the provisions adhered to and let the lab tell you about it receipt exhibit. Does your MPU office accept proof for you? Not, you cannot take the exam, you have to do one new proof of abstinence provide - your Driver's license you only get then later than expected back.

Conclusion: This is how you get proof of abstinence

Following steps are to be met to get one for the MPU valid To obtain proof of abstinence:

  1. Inform in time: Do you need proof and if so, for how long?
  2. Report to a Jobthat meets the conditions of Annex 14 of the FeV - such as a TÜV or DEKRA body
  3. Among the regular, short-term ones Appointments go (at least four times within six months and six times within a year)
  4. After proof of abstinence has been provided: Complete the MPU within two months, otherwise the evidence will be invalid
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  1. Hello,

    a lot back and forth. In the end it says “Inform in good time: do you need proof and if so, for how long?” - Who will give you definitive information about it?

    At the top it says again “You do not pass the MPU without proof of abstinence”, why then the question of whether someone needs proof or can show KT (also with hair analysis).

    • Hello,

      As can be read in the text, the driver's license office can order proof of abstinence. But it is also possible to do this voluntarily.

      The editors of

  2. my driver's license office has not ordered proof of abstinence. they said that the mpu body decides .. they in turn told me that you decide who do a preparation.

    • Hello Basti R.,

      If you have had problems with alcohol or drugs in the past and therefore have to go to the MPU, the competent authority can request proof of abstinence.

      The editors of

      • Hello,

        they say the competent authority?

        Who exactly do you mean by that?
        The driving license authority or the MPU assessment body?

        If, for example, the driving license authority only requires proof of abstinence for drugs, can the MPU also request proof of alcohol? Or is that only allowed to be determined by the driving license authority?

        Does the expert find out from the MPU the specific requirements that have been made by the driving license authority, or does he have to assess this himself from the file?

        What does the appraiser have to comply with?

        Greetings Raffael

        • Hello Raffael,

          To the best of our knowledge, this will be determined by the assessment body after the first discussions have taken place.

          The editors of

  3. I have a question. And although I started with my driver's license, theory everything was super shortly afterwards, however, I received an invitation to the MPU because a year earlier I was with 1.61% on the bike (1.6% are allowed and I was only conspicuous because I did not light on the footpath!) was stopped. if I now renounce my driver's license for 15 years until it is “statute-barred” I don't have to do the MPU why do I get the high bills for it even though I don't do it ????

  4. Have posed as an alcoholic since my drunk ride in July 2017. Withdrawal was inpatient for 14 days in September. Then in December 2017 I did my first abstinence after white. Now I have decided on long-term treatment. So that I can properly deal with the subject of alcohol addiction. Now my addiction advisor from the DRK tells me that my 1 year abstinence period will only begin after long-term treatment. Is that right. In March I had a second hair analysis. She was negative. Should I stop doing the hair analysis now? I do not know anything anymore.

    • Hello Grit H.,

      Usually there are individual periods for proof of abstinence. You can ask the driving license authorities for details on your case and your own requirements.

      The editors of

  5. I have been without alcohol for 4 months and must z mpu would like to voluntarily provide evidence of abstinence where can I do that please ne address would be very nice

    • Hello ritchy,

      You can have an abstinence check carried out by TÜV or DEKRA, among others. Since we do not know your place of residence, we unfortunately cannot give you an exact address.

      The editors of

  6. Dear fine team,
    Regarding MPU and proof of abstinence, I have a question: someone and their children drove a car drunk several times, for a longer period of time, without accidents, but finally caught, certificate gone. Now the MPU proceed with the usual evidence of abstinence. He also managed to talk to the psychologist. He is currently preparing for the driving test.

    The problem is he's drinking again!
    In such a way that he is drunk again as before and hardly responsive (his environment, including me, we consider him to be an incorrigible and unreasonable and “shrewd” alcoholic who can pretend well; he has a long, relevant history).

    There is a risk that he will drive drunk again, there is no public transport where he lives, etc. Possibly with his children and those of his divorced wife.

    What can you do? I am NOT concerned with denunciation.
    I am looking forward to an answer to my private email address if necessary.


    • Hello Anonimus,

      Since we are not allowed to offer you legal advice, we recommend that you consult a lawyer about this.

      The editors of

  7. Hello, after an accident in which amphetamine was found in my blood, I was asked to do an MPU. Nobody said anything about abstinence until I have paid some fees. When I asked why I was not told this beforehand, it was said that it had been forgotten. Is that right?

    • Hello Jenni,

      As a rule, in the event of violations of the BtMG with subsequent MPU, proof of abstinence is always required. You should discuss with a lawyer whether this can be ordered retrospectively based on your file.

      The editors of

  8. Evidence of abstinence or evidence of abstinence here ... no one, but also no one wanted to see the evidence in my case, and now I am supposed to give 4 urine samples again ... the whole MPU is pure money-making, nothing more ... and someone who is eloquent and can convincingly lie what that stuff holds, it also brings home a positive MPU result, those are at a disadvantage who cannot deal with words ... what do you want to hear at an MPU ... quite simply, you want a formal guarantee that you are using alcohol no longer takes part in road traffic.
    But ... NO ONE can give a guarantee for anything and nobody can look into you ... the only thing I and everyone can say with guarantee and that will happen is that we will bite the grass at some point, that is the only thing that can be guaranteed can say.
    Also the whole thing with the upper limit ... at that time you were stamped with over 0.8 per thousand as an alcoholic ... then it was 0.5 now 0.3 ... where you are a state-approved alcoholic ... the year of abstinence does not bring and does not prove anything in my opinion, if it proved anything ... it would have been beneficial to me.

    • I agree with you Peter! It's terrible. I have proven abstinence from drugs for one year, applied for my driver's license after I had confirmation of my negative screenings (I did not know if they were valid because I already had a creatinine level that was too low and this can only happen once); then I still had 3 months until my deadline for the MPU had expired, but nobody told me that. The driving license authorities told me that the report is valid for 3 months, but that doesn't matter if I've applied for my driving license by then. She did not take care of this deadline, the application [before of course the certificate of conduct application (approx. 3 weeks), the first aid course appointment (you have to get first), ... ... ...] took approx. 4 weeks. (Overall, I'm almost at the 3 months) Now that it's too late (it's about 3-5 days ... which I am over the 4 months) the application for mpu has been received by the mpu and the 700 € Bill fluttered in. If I cannot submit a valid hair analysis, do I have to do another 12 months for screening? Then apply for my driver's license again for 150 euros, and then do an MPU?

    • Hello Merlin,

      The best way to find out for what period of time you have to provide proof of abstinence from the responsible driving license authority.

      The editors of

  9. Hello,
    I have another question about the topic of abstinence proof.
    I was asked to go to the MPU during a routine inspection by the driver's license office because of cannabis. But now the letter from the driver's license office states that no proof of abstinence is required. I phoned my FSS clerk and she said that it is standard that the expert opinion usually requires proof. Now the question arises to me what the rule is and what exceptions there are. Who decides now whether you need an abstinence nw. Especially if it is not requested in the direct request of the FSS.

  10. With drugs, abstinence is always required. I'm currently doing outpatient therapy and give Uk s so I can go to Mpu. In addition, I am doing a Mpu preparation and know that you will not be admitted to the Mpu exam without proof lg

  11. Hello,
    I would have a question I was once stopped with the scooter under the influence of cannabis now I have proof of abstinence from drugs for over 1 year but it was now said that I still have to prove alcohol abstinence for 1 year is that correct or legal?
    I've searched a lot, but nowhere can I find anything that requires proof of alcohol abstinence.
    I have also never been noticed with alcohol in traffic, neither by bicycle nor by motorized vehicle

  12. Good day,
    Got caught with 1.8 per mille of alcohol.
    I basically passed the MPU positively.
    When I requested the MPU results, I was informed that I still had to perform a hair analysis, as the GGT value was around 180 on the day of the examination and a hair analysis was therefore necessary to complete the report.
    I don't know what to do anymore, because my GGT value increased slightly in all measurements and leveled off at 65-70.
    The MPU Dekra insists on the hair analysis, since the MPU report cannot be completed without an analysis.
    What can i do

  13. allo dear fine catalog team.

    a short question. I was also caught drinking and driving. 2 per thousand, first-time offender, FS since 1989.
    No requirement on the part of the court or the driving license authority to provide proof of abstinence. When I asked the driving license authority, I was informed that the authority cannot demand this because it cannot decide whether a perpetrator is alcohol-dependent or not. This can only be decided by a traffic psychologist.
    Now I don't understand anything anymore ... Do I have to provide evidence or not. I have not received any edition for this.


    • Hello Basti,

      When reapplying for your driving license, the authorities should inform you of the requirements and whether you have to present an MPU and whether this should be done with or without proof of abstinence.

      The editors of

  14. Hello

    My son decided to go into qualified rehab over 1 year ago. He has never been noticed in traffic because he was always on foot. Now he will soon be 18 .. In April he started with the driver's license and now we have received a notification from the district administrator where the driver's license has been applied for that he will take an MPU test must and have to prove a 1 year abstinence. Is it correct that way? He would like to get the driver's license first and USt be clean for 1 year.

  15. I have submitted my application for the first driver's license. Because I was caught with 0.5g cannabis 2 years ago, I was ordered to have a medical report drawn up, including a urine screening. Opinion was negative due to a lack of evidence of abstinence. Then I was ordered to have a mpu. At the driver's license I was told that only a urine screening was necessary. The results were negative and everything else was also correct. Nevertheless, the MPU was not passed, again the cause of a lack of evidence.
    What shall I do now ? Can I just make up for the evidence without having to pay mpu? Does the evidence from the medical certificate count?

    Thank you for your quick feedback

  16. Two years ago I had to surrender my driving license for 2 months. During the 2 month driving ban, the local driving license office completely revoked my driving license.

    Now my question can the local authority completely withdraw my driver's license even though I have a final judgment from a court about the two months driving ban.
    Since there is also the law that people in Germany and Europe may not be punished twice.
    This law states that double punishment is not allowed.
    So, in my opinion, the withdrawal by the driver's license office is unlawful because it is a double punishment. I'm only interested in whether the authorities were allowed to do that.

  17. Hello, I tried to commit suicide in my car in March 2018 under the influence of alcohol. 1.4 per mille. According to the public prosecutor's office, a driving ban has been issued for 10 months. I had consumed alcohol regularly for the past 3 years and after it happened I went straight to withdrawal with subsequent rehab. A total of 5 months. Now I wanted to apply for my driver's license again, and unfortunately had answered the question (voluntary information) honestly, regarding alcohol. I should then show the discharge letter to rehab. I have this too, unfortunately, because since there is an alcohol dependence as a diagnosis, I have to prove 1 year of abstinence.
    If I hadn't said or written anything like that, I'd get it back in February. But since I was honest, I am punished with another driving ban. Is this legal? ...

  18. Hello ... I gave question

    My brother had this test mpu until the end of march, because of alcohol, and gat but not sausage that he needs the harassment analysis so this test of abstinence proof. Make Hareanalyse kamer 3 months back…. Can he still do the course or how do you do it?

  19. Hello, 10 years ago my German driver's license was revoked because of THC. Now I have applied for a re-grant from my responsible FS department. When I asked whether I had to provide evidence of abstinence, the FS Office gave me no information. I have now received a deadline to deliver my MPU. Can I do the MPU and subsequently prove that I have abstained. Otherwise, all medical reports and re-issuance would lapse and I would have to apply for everything again. According to research on the Internet, an MPU would not even be able to pass without proof. What do I do now ? P.S I haven't had anything to do with drugs for years, not even an alcohol problem. Can you please answer my request? best regards

  20. Hello,
    I was convicted of a general amphetamine abuse. The offense occurred in June 2017. Was not caught with drugs behind the wheel or generally with drugs but was convicted on the basis of a testimony and chat history. I am still in possession of the driver's license, but should now go to the MPU. However, in the letter from the responsible Verlehrsamt there is nothing about proof of abstinence. Do I still have to provide one and if so, who decides whether a urine or hair sample?

  21. Hello Fine Catalog Team,

    my question would be….
    How long is the abstinence certificate valid? Is it 4 weeks or 4 months?
    At the end of July this year my abstinence ends and I don't know whether I can do the MPU within 4 weeks.

    With best regards

  22. Hello dear editors
    I was just at the driver's license office here in Bavaria and was told that it was not the task of the driver's license office to determine the periods (6 months / 12 months) of proof of abstinence. They are solely for the processing of the individual cases and have no influence whatsoever on what the MPI office requires.
    So who decides whether I have to prove half a year or a full year?
    In my case, I started with the evidence of alcohol via hair screening without having contacted an MPU office beforehand. Today I had the 2nd screening and expect the result in 2 weeks (6 months in total). Now I have decided on a test center at the driving license office and the files go there, which is also the first contact with the said test center.

    All in all, I would like to find out whether I can pass the MPU with my 6 months of voluntary evidence here. I hope that I have given all the information so far and hope for answers.
    With best regards
    Christoph S.

    • Hello Christoph,

      Unfortunately we cannot answer that. Whether and for how long abstinence is required depends on your previous consumer behavior. We recommend that you discuss this with a traffic psychologist.

      The editors of

  23. Hello,
    What does a certificate of the passing of the evidence of abstinence look like? Accidentally gave the wrong date from my suspicious traffic stop. Is all this on the certificate, when the incident took place, since when one has stopped consuming, etc.?
    Thanks in advance

  24. Good day,

    After a drunk ride> 1.6 per thousand on a bicycle, the driver's license office warned me in writing that after a legally valid penalty order had been issued, I had to go to the MPU.

    I have had this penal order for 6 months now. I've used the time since the drunk driving to be abstinent. Evidence over 12 months by means of 4 hair analyzes.

    However, contrary to their advance notice, the driving license office has not yet asked me to attend the MPU. What shall I do now? The proof of abstinence must not be too old to be used in a possible MPU. Do I now have to continue to have a hair analysis every 3 months up to the MPU?
    Or could it be that they forgot me at the driver's license office? The drunk driving was 16 months ago ...

    I researched the internet for hours. I can't find a deadline within which an MPU can be requested.

  25. Hello. Thank you for letting me ask the question.
    I had an accident while drinking alcohol and drove into a fence at the train station with a .2.05 per mil. Have never had an accident or been exposed to alcohol. Because I only drink on occasions because I have diabetes. But my question now is who says NUN whether I need proof of abstinence. ???????
    Everyone also tells me something else dekra information tag in [edit. v. d. Red.] Said after 5 minutes of talking I don't need that. And in [edit. v. d. Red.] When drug and addiction counseling is said to be better
    Because nobody else believes me anymore !!
    I'm doing an mpu preparatory COURSE for them right now
    So ??????? I don't want to wait until I go to the exam, so they'll say I need proof of absenteeism !!!!!! I don't have time, otherwise I will lose my job 😭😭😭😭😭😪😪😤😡😭😭😭😭😭
    And I got a driver's license, there were no conditions! Hence who says what should I believe
    Please help. Lg.

  26. Hello,
    I made a stupid reckless mistake on April 20th, 2019 and got into my car drunk and went home, just before home I had an Energy. At home in front of the front door the police suddenly stood behind me and carried out a general check When I puffed, I got a value of 1.36, I voluntarily handed in my driver's license right away, I had to go straight to the hospital to have my blood drawn. It's been almost 8 weeks now and I haven't received any mail or information. my lawyer doesn't get any information either! How long does it take before I get mail and does it have any positive effects that I have given my driver's license voluntarily? I didn't have an accident, I didn't drive conspicuously and wasn't too fast! I drank about 4-5 small beers over a period of about 6 hours, can the Energy falsify the value just before blowing?
    With best regards

  27. Good day,

    In 2013 I was caught with THC residue in my blood for the first time, a heavy fine and 1 month's license withdrawal.
    In 2016 the same game again after I got my driver's license again, about 6 months later the driver's license office arrives and says that they had forgotten me and that I have to do the MPU and I have to surrender my driver's license. Was the right of them, for 3 years now I've been without a driver's license and can I still do an MPU at all or do I have to wait another 7 years so that I can apply for it again.
    I'm looking forward to your reply.
    Oh yeah, I've been clean since the incident.

    • Hello Cristian,

      please contact a lawyer specializing in traffic law with your concerns. He is authorized and trained to offer you sound legal advice.

      The editors of

  28. Hello,
    can someone help us?
    The following case: A 17-year-old is proven to have previously consumed cannabis while driving a motorcycle. Driving license on trial. He should prove 6 months of abstinence by hair analysis. First we found out that he would have to keep 6 months of abstinence. Then we are told that he should only take the test after 9 months - 6 months with a 3-month waiting period. When we arrived at the TÜV, we learned that we should have waited 12 months, 6 months with a waiting period of 6 months. But we did the test immediately after 9 months. We've been there before, traveled far and taken a vacation. The doctor pointed out to us several times that we were making a mistake and that a cannabis offense would always have to prove 12 months of abstinence
    (... then probably with an additional waiting period of months?) We were speechless. We then had the test done.
    After 2 weeks, the final report, drug abstinence control, hair analysis was published.
    It would be nice if someone could help us. We need a translation, the wording is as follows:
    “… The laboratory did not report any definitely positive results below the minimum required limit of quantification.
    According to the assessment of the forensic toxicologist, it is confirmed that none of the above substances was detectable in the hair sample taken.
    The test results of the hair analysis for the habitual intake of the above Drugs in the period corresponding to the length of the hair examined. Occasional consumption, however, cannot be ruled out in principle…. "
    Is that a positive result now? Or rather negative? Or both? Can we register the MPU now or not?
    Or should I just not have complained when we were given € 50 too little change?
    Thank you and best regards

  29. Was taken with a blood sample as part of a general traffic control Result 35.9ng / ML Benzo ...
    Penalties are anything over 75ng / Ml
    Result rag away all information obtained, etc. get abstinence instruction but no one can tell me how long!
    The guy at the driver's license office said that a consultation decides and he didn't know whether it was 6 months or 12 months, so who can give me precise information on how long I have to prove abstinence in order to get my driver's license again