How much toilet paper should I use

Fold, crumple, wrap - toilet paper and how it's used

The toilet is a place of rest and privacy for everyone. Alone with the roller, the damp cloth or the bare hand and water, everyone has their own cleaning technique. But how do you wipe properly? The answer is different depending on where you ask. In the USA, for example, the crumpling of toilet paper should be preferred, whereas the Germans tend to fold the paper. That the German cliché of orderliness is confirmed in a funny way is only mentioned in passing.

Folding, crumpling or winding - what do you do with toilet paper?

The following is a statistical survey that reveals the surprising fact: wrinkles and crumples seem to be equally widespread. In contrast, the wrapping technique does not seem to be very widespread among toilet paper users with 20%.

However, it is not only the technology that differs, people also use different amounts of toilet paper. But how much exactly?

How many sheets of toilet paper do you need for an average bowel movement?

Yes, we are sure that you have also asked yourself this question several times. Thanks to current statistics, this question can and will now be answered.

The average person seems to use 8.6 sheets of toilet paper per toilet visit. Who would have thought?

What is the best way to hang the toilet roll?

For most people there is no question: of course, toilet paper must always be hung so that the loose sheet of paper hangs freely at the front and not behind the roll. But surprisingly there are very many people who see it differently.

Toilet paper abuse

Toilet paper is not always used for its intended purpose. Toilet paper is not only used for removing make-up or cleaning up spilled liquids; it is sometimes even consumed by people with eating disorders. At the end of this little excursion into the world of toilet paper, you will find a brief overview of the twists and turns that a toilet paper roll can take.

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