Who are holy healers

Jesus Christ - the greatest healer

My dear brothers and sisters, I greet you all with all my heart. On behalf of the leading brothers, I thank you for your kindness, your many generous good deeds, for your prayers and for the support we can feel. We have similar challenges to yours. We are all subject to suffering and pain, sickness and death. In good times and bad, the Lord expects each of us to endure to the end. As we move forward together in this sacred work, the leading brethren understand the importance of your support, courtesy, loving, and grateful support. We love you and we pray for you as you pray for us.

I am especially grateful for the Lord Jesus Christ. I am grateful for his loving kindness and that he always invites us all to come to him.1 I am amazed at its unparalleled power to heal. I bear my testimony that Jesus Christ is the greatest healer. It is just one of many qualities that characterize his incomparable life.

Jesus is the Christ, the Messiah, the Son of God, the Creator, the great Yahweh, the promised Immanuel, the atoning Savior and Redeemer, our intercessor with the Father, our great example. One day we will stand before him as our just and compassionate judge.2

Miracles of healing

Jesus, the greatest healer, instructed his friends: “Go and report what you have seen and heard: the blind see again, the lame walk, and the lepers become clean; Deaf hear [and] the dead stand up. "3

In the books of Matthew4, Markus5, Lukas6 and Johannes7 It is reported repeatedly that Jesus went about preaching the gospel and healing diseases and ailments of all kinds.

When the resurrected Savior appeared to the people of ancient America, He invited all "who are afflicted in any way"8 were one to come to him and be healed.

It is wonderful that he conferred his divine authority to heal the sick on worthy priesthood holders in earlier dispensations9 as he did in these latter days as he restored his gospel in its fulness.10

Prayer affects healing

We also have access to its healing power through prayer. I will never forget what my wife and I experienced with President Spencer W. Kimball and his wife, Camilla, about three decades ago. We were in Hamilton, New Zealand, where there was a major conference for the Saints. I was not a General Authority then. In my calling as Sunday School President, I had been invited to serve in this and other congregations in the Pacific Islands. As a doctor, I had cared for President Kimball and his wife for many years. I knew her very well - inside and out.

The young people had rehearsed a program for the Saturday evening before the conference. Unfortunately, President Kimball and his wife became seriously ill and had a high fever. After receiving a priesthood blessing, they rested in the nearby home of the President of the New Zealand Temple. President Kimball asked his counselor, President N. Eldon Tanner, to preside over the cultural event and to apologize to President Kimball and his wife.

My wife accompanied President Tanner, his wife, and other leaders to the event, while President Kimball's secretary, Brother D. Arthur Haycock, and I attended to our feverish patients.

While President Kimball slept, I sat in his room reading. Suddenly President Kimball woke up. He asked, "Brother Nelson, when does the event start tonight?"

"Seven o'clock, President Kimball."

"What time is it now?"

"It's almost seven," I replied.

President Kimball said quickly, "Tell my wife we're going!"

I checked President Kimball's temperature. He no longer had a fever! I checked Nurse Kimball's temperature. She no longer had a fever either!

They quickly got dressed and got into the car. We were taken to the Church College stadium in New Zealand. As the car drove into the stadium, we heard a loud scream. That was very unusual. After we were seated, I asked my wife what this sudden outcry meant. She said President Tanner dutifully apologized to President Kimball and his wife because of their illness. Then a young New Zealander was asked to pray.

My wife reported that he prayed for a long time with great faith, but powerfully. He prayed, “Three thousand young people from New Zealand are gathered here. We spent six months preparing to sing and dance for your prophet. Please heal him and let him come here! ”After the“ Amen, ”the car with President Kimball and his wife arrived at the stadium. You recognized them immediately, and so there was this great cry of joy!11

I witnessed the healing power of the Lord. And I saw the living prophet receive revelation and act accordingly!

I know that sometimes our deepest prayers don't seem to be answered. We ask ourselves: “Why?” I know this feeling. I know the fears and tears at such moments. But I also know that our prayers are never ignored. Our beliefs never go unnoticed. I know that our omniscient Heavenly Father's perspective is much wider than ours. As we see our earthly problems and pain, he sees our eternal progress and potential. If we pray to know his will and if we patiently and courageously submit to him, then divine healing can take place at the time and in his way.

Steps that lead to healing

Our distress can be spiritual as well as physical. Alma the Younger recalled being so tormented by his sin that he wished he would be "blotted out of body and soul" so that he would not be "made to stand in the presence of ... God for [his] deeds to be judged ”.12 How can one be healed by the Lord in such a situation?

By repenting even more completely. By being more fully converted. Then "the Son of Righteousness" can give us13 bless even more completely through his healing hand.

From the very beginning of his earthly ministry, Jesus announced that he had been sent to heal those whose hearts were broken.14 Wherever he taught, the process was the same. Notice the correspondence in his words spoken at four different times and in different places:

  • The Lord told the people in the Holy Land to see with their eyes, hear with their ears, come to understanding with their hearts and be converted, then He would heal them.15

  • The risen Lord asked the people of ancient America: "Will you not ... come back to me and repent of your sins and be converted so that I may heal you?"16

  • He instructed the leaders of his Church: “You [shall] continue to serve; because you do not know whether they will not come back and repent and come to me with full intention of the heart and I will heal them. "17

  • Later, on "the restoration of everything",18 said the Lord to the Prophet Joseph Smith of the pioneers: “After their temptations and much tribulation, behold, I, the Lord, will feel for them, and if they do not harden their hearts and neck rigid against me, they will settle down convert and I will heal them. "19

The order of these steps is important. Faith, repentance, baptism, testimony, and permanent conversion lead to the healing power of the Lord. Baptism is a covenant - it is a commitment and a promise. A testimony develops when the Holy Ghost gives assurance to those who sincerely seek truth. A true testimony nourishes faith and encourages repentance and obedience to God's commandments. A testimony inspires enthusiasm to serve God and others.20 To convert means to turn around, to turn back. Conversion means getting yourself of turn away from the ways of the world and the ways of the Lord toturns and presentsat holds on. Conversion includes repentance and obedience. Conversion causes a mighty change in the heart.21 Thus a true convert is "born again"22 and lives as a new person.23

When we are truly converted, let us do what the Lord expects us to do,24 and be the way he wants us to be.25 The forgiveness of sins, the forgiveness of God, heals the spirit.

How do we know if we are truly converted? In the scriptures we find some tests for self-assessment. One measures the degree of conversion required before baptism.26 Another measures our willingness to serve. The Lord said to his disciple Peter: “But I have prayed for you that your faith may not be lost. And when you have been converted again, strengthen your brothers. "27 Our willingness to serve and empower others shows our willingness to be healed.

What his healing is all about

The favorite disciple John testified: "See the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world!"28 What power! Only the Master Healer can take away the sin of the world. Our debt to him is immeasurable.

I still remember speaking to a group of missionaries once. After I asked her questions, a missionary stood up. With tears in his eyes, he asked, “Why did Jesus suffer so much?” I asked the missionary to open his hymn book and read from the song “How Tall Are You!”. He read:

When I consider what you gave for me

all the pain you've suffered:

You died on the cross so we can live

and took the burden of all our sins on you.29

Then I asked him to read some more of the lyrics aloud. These words are particularly apt because they are written as if the Lord Himself would exactly answer the question that was asked:

Ransomed think of me

think what once happened to you.

I shed blood full of pain

My sore heart suffered torments,

that the word be fulfilled:

You will be set free through my sacrifice. ...

Think of what i did:

That I can save sinners

I suffered death on the cross,

died as a sacrifice for you too.30

Jesus suffered so much because he loved us so much! He wants us to repent and be converted so He can heal us completely.

When testing comes upon us31 it is time to deepen our faith in God, work diligently, and serve others. Then he will heal our broken hearts. He will give us inner peace32 and consolation33 give. These glorious gifts cannot be destroyed, not even by death.

Resurrection - completion of healing

The gift of resurrection is the completion of healing through the Lord. Thanks to him every body will be restored to its right and perfect shape.34 Thanks to him, no state is hopeless. Thanks to him, there are brighter days ahead of us, both in this life and in the next. True joy awaits each of us - beyond sorrow.

I testify that God lives and that Jesus is the Messiah, the greatest healer. In the holy name of Jesus Christ. Amen.