How to say money in Hindi

The Hindi language is spoken by over 260 million Indians and is the second largest in the world with a population of 1.2 billion. It is the official language of India, spoken in its country, India. The Hindi language is part of the Indo-Iranian group of the Indo-European language family. Hindi has been recognized as an official language by the state of India since 1991. Over the years, Sanskrit was spoken extensively in the geography of all of India, while more than 1,000 languages ​​were later spoken in various regions influenced by the Arabic and Persian languages. According to 2001 census data in India, 122 major languages ​​and 1,599 different languages ​​were identified, among which the number of languages ​​of more than 1 million people was 30 and the number of languages ​​with at least 10 thousand speakers was 122.

Hindi and many other local languages ​​are written in the Devanagari alphabet. It is also similar to Urdu, Pakistan's native language, as well as the Hindi language. However, Urdu in Pakistan is written using the Arabic alphabet, while Hindi also uses the Devanagari alphabet. The Devanagari alphabet is a monosyllabic alphabet, as in Japanese, and each symbol represents a syllable, that is, a sound. There is a horizontal line at the top of all symbols (example: नमस्कार).

It is written from left to right as in Hindi, Turkish, and all Latin languages. Another feature that is similar to Turkish is that it is the last of the verbs in the sentence structure.