What does the falling of trees do?

Chop down trees at the right time

November to February

... is the best time to fell trees: During this time the trees and also the plants in their vicinity are in dormancy, and most of the animals have also withdrawn. Ideally, the ground is frozen so that there is little damage to the area. Tree felling and logging should therefore always be carried out during this time.

March and September / October

During these times the trees wake up or prepare for leaf fall and winter dormancy, and the animals on the trees and around them are also active and vulnerable. In March the birds also prepare their broods and the first ones already start to breed. Therefore, only urgent work that cannot be planned in advance should be done during these times, with great consideration being given to animals (not just birds) and plants.

April to August

During this time the tree itself is full of life, and it also offers a lot of living space for animals of all kinds. This whole life disappears with a felled tree. Particularly noteworthy are birds that breed in trees because they enjoy legal protection: "Unlawful and deliberate destruction of their nests during the breeding season is punishable" (Section 50 of the cantonal law on hunting and bird protection). Consequently, no logging is to be done at all during this time. Individual trees can only be felled in exceptional cases, for example if a tree poses an acute safety risk.

Warning: there is even a risk of jail.
The Federal Act on Hunting and the Protection of Wild Mammals and Birds also protects breeding birds: "Anyone who deliberately and without authorization [...] disturbs the birds' breeding business is punished with imprisonment of up to one year or a fine". Trees often harbor breeding birds, especially when they have reached a certain size. However, this is often not recognizable at first glance, as the birds do not want to reveal their apartment and therefore behave quite secretly. For this reason, tree felling should be avoided entirely during the birds' breeding season.