Where can Mega NZ files be downloaded

Dealing with “Mega.nz wants to save files on this device” prompt

Some users got into conflict after a pop-up showed that the website they were visiting wanted to save files to this device. By far the most common error message is “Mega.nz wants to save files on this device” when using the Mega Cloud Storage Service. The problem only occurs with Google Chrome.

What causes the prompt “Mega.nz wants to save files on this device”

If you get this prompt when trying to download a file through the Mega.nz service, you might be wondering how it differs from a regular download. Also, some users wonder if this has to do with a security breach in Google Chrome.

The good news is that this news is legitimate and has nothing to do with security concerns. This prompt only appears in Chrome as it is one of the few browsers that use it File system API.

The File system API was specially invented for web apps that need free access to store and write to store large data files. Services like Mega.nz download an encrypted file to local storage and at the end of the process decrypt it so it can be used for you. As you can see, Mega.nz offers a little more than a normal one-time download. In addition, they are usually much larger files.

The purpose of the permission prompt is now to ask the user if they trust the application to download files and then decrypt them with their free hard drive space.

Dealing with Mega.nz wants to save files on this device prompt

Note that if you receive this prompt if you are downloading a specific file (or files) through Mega.nz, if you click No at the prompt, you will not be able to complete the download.

Since Google is one of the few browsers that offers this additional security protection (File system API) you can likely download the file without getting the command prompt with another browser. Note, however, that this will not make your download any more or less secure. It's just an extra layer of security that Google Chrome has put in place.

If you mistakenly allowed or blocked downloads from Mega.nz and now you want to repeat your decision, you can do so easily. Simply visit the Mega.nz homepage (Here) and click on the favicon to the left of the address bar. Then click the drop-down menu for Automatic downloads and put it on enable or Block - depending on what you want to do. You can also set it to ask to get the prompt again the next time you try to download something from there.

Note that this scenario can be replicated with all cloud storage services - provided they use the File system API.