How do flowers keep your wife happy?

Study proves the positive effects of flowers - favorite flowers make you happy!

A neuroscientific study has now confirmed that flowers have positive effects on the human brain. The effect of the favorite flower is particularly noteworthy. This increases the feeling of happiness by an incredible 200%. Nine well-known influencers took on the subject artistically and created favorite bouquets of flowers on the subjects of “Personality”, “Autumn Favorites” and “Love & Friendship”.

It is well known that flower gifts are well received for every occasion. Choosing the recipient's favorite flower for the gift shows special attention and even has clear, neuroscientifically verifiable influences. The favorite flower increases the feeling of happiness by as much as 200%. At the moment of handover, this takes up so much viewing time that it makes the recipient forget everything around him for a short time. Even pictures of flowers create a 20 times more positive mood and with real ones this effect is significantly higher. These are the results of a neuroscientific study as part of the “Favorite Flower” initiative by

From October 6th to 19th, those interested can visit the Favorite Flower Gallery at Gipsstrasse 11 in Berlin-Mitte and experience the positive effects of their favorite flowers for themselves. On October 8th, this can even be scientifically proven by means of eye tracking tests.

The favorite floral works of art by influencers such as Riccardo Simonetti, Vreni Frost as well as Denise and Desiree Kastull prove how differently the topic can be implemented. The gallery initially opens with individual favorite flower bouquets under the motto "Personality". This is followed by “Autumn Favorites” with a focus on the influencer's favorite autumn flowers. Finally, bouquets on the theme of “Love & Friendship” are presented to create a personal dedication for friends and family. All favorite bouquets of flowers are exposed both as reproductions of real flowers and as photographs typical of Instagram. The flowery exhibition invites you to test the happiness effect of flower photographs and their real role models on your well-being.

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