How can you bake an ice cream

Ice cream all year round! The 56 most delicious ice cream recipes

Fruity, summery ice cream recipes

From the fruit bowl to the ice cream machine - these fruity ice cream recipes taste so wonderfully like summer. You don't want to enjoy apples, strawberries and rhubarb any differently. Why should you ?!

Skyr ice cream with cherry swirl

This fruity ice cream is a real protein bomb among the cool treats! What does it do? Well, the popular Icelandic dairy product Skyr, which makes your ice cream enjoyment nice and creamy on top of that. In addition, you can conjure up a great fruit swirl with cherry puree. You don't need more in summer to be happy, right? To the recipe

Banana ice cream with caramelized pecans

Theo make me a… banana ice cream with caramelized pecans! In fruity, summery ice cream recipes, the yellow tropical fruit must of course not be missing and caramelized nuts somehow always make everything better. To the recipe

Rhubarb rice with pistachios

Completely without cream and eggs, this summery ice cream creation is refreshing with a fine, sour, fruity note of rhubarb. Coconut milk gives it a creamy consistency and pistachios provide the necessary kick. To the recipe

Lemon buttermilk ice cream with lemon curd swirl and waffle crunch

What should you do when life gives you a lemon? Lemon buttermilk ice cream with lemon curd swirl, what else ?! Crispy waffle crunch topping provides that extra crunch. To the recipe

The magic machine for creamy ice cream

Your name is Emma and she likes ice cream best. But she is also extremely fond of frozen yogurt, sorbet and parfait. And thanks Compressor and 1.5 liter container she prepares the sweet delicacies in no time and in large family portions. The preparation is child's play: fill the container, switch on the machine and timer. Once your ice cream is ready, Emma will let you know and save it thanks Cooling function even before melting away.

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Vegan strawberry ice cream made from coconut milk

Creamy strawberry ice cream without egg and without cream - how should that taste? Quite fruity, quite tasty and with a touch of Caribbean flair - thanks to coconut milk. To the recipe

Frozen yogurt with blueberry swirl

The basis of this delicacy: yogurt - Greek yogurt, to be precise. Particularly creamy, particularly fresh and, in combination with fruity blueberry puree, simply particularly delicious. To the recipe

Strawberry and vanilla ice cream

What belongs together comes together: Strawberries and vanilla melt into a creamy ice cream that is peppered with delicious pieces of fruit. To the recipe

Vegan blueberry coconut ice cream

With this ice cream, vegan foodies feast themselves in ice heaven! Blueberries provide that extra kick of freshness and coconut milk for creamy pleasure that makes us forget that it contains neither egg nor cow's milk. To the recipe

Classic ice cream recipes among themselves

It doesn't always have to be fancy varieties such as lemon-paprika, pear-parmesan or mozzarella-basil. Now and then we just need the familiar. Preferably vanilla, strawberry, stracciatella or chocolate.

vanilla icecream

Sometimes it's the simple things in life that make us rave - like this creamy ice cream creation with a fine hint of vanilla. Because vanilla ice cream is the great classic of ice cream recipes. To the recipe

Strawberry ice cream

Summertime is strawberry time - of course! And because the fruity delicacy tastes so creamy and delicious, nothing else than strawberry ice cream comes into our cup. To the recipe

Stracciatella ice cream

Perhaps the best of all ice cream recipes - stracciatella. Why? Because creamy vanilla ice cream and crunchy chocolate come together in a single delicacy. To the recipe

chocolate ice cream

Good taste prevails. How do we fix that? Chocolate ice cream is one of the oldest types of ice cream in the world and has not lost any of its popularity 400 years later. We are particularly fond of this full-bodied variant: it tastes like ice-cold chocolate mousse. To the recipe

Ice cream and yoghurt happiness for the whole family!

With Erika you can satisfy the ice cream and yoghurt hunger of your whole family or party crowd! With her extra strong 250 watt motor as 4 intuitively selectable Programs conjures them up for you with a few clicks 12 servings of ice cream and 5 large servings of yogurt. thanks Pre-cooling function and Timer with sound effect Extra creamy pleasure has never been so easy.

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Ice cream recipes for chocoholics

An ice cream round without a decent chocolate ice cream is not an ice cream round. Is that how you see it, don't you? So you are spoiled for choice and have to choose between chocolate nuts, chocolate Guinness and many other chocolate creations.

Chocolate hazelnut ice cream

Just chocolate - that would be a bit boring, wouldn't it? In addition to dark chocolate, cocoa and nut nougat cream are put into the ice cream machine and are refined with hazelnuts. To the recipe

Almond and vanilla ice cream with a chocolate swirl

Can't decide between vanilla and chocolate? You do not have to! Because nothing tastes as good as the combination of vanilla and chocolate - plus almond. To the recipe

Chocolate ice cream with chia seeds

The classic with a superfood note. Dark chocolate and cocoa for real chocoholics. Dates and maple syrup for that certain something. And on top: a serving of chia seeds. To the recipe

Guiness ice cream with chocolate and honey sauce

Beer in ice is even better than beer in cake. Particularly tasty: Guinness - malty and with a fine coffee and chocolate note. In addition, a sweet and creamy chocolate sauce with honey and vanilla. To the recipe