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How to register without an invitation


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Quora is supposed to be an exclusive knowledge community. This is probably why there is an access block for users with an IP address from Germany. You need an invitation from a registered member for the community. Internet users from Germany can also register without any problems via an anonymization website.

Of course, Quora is linked to other networks. If you have a Facebook or Twitter profile, you can connect it to Quora and post your questions there in order to reach more potential respondents. At the same time, he can follow the activities of his Facebook and Twitter contacts on Quora. This is one of the strategies of the network to involve members and get them to cooperate.

The group of users also includes celebrities, for example Google product manager Nate Smith. There he explains how the Google image search can be used to search for images with certain colors. Or Facebook co-founder Dustin Moskovitz, who answered the question how he liked the film The social network liked.

Quora is a hot company in Silicon Valley. Investors are said to have put eleven million dollars into it, but the amount is not confirmed. The users obviously also believe in the project. In December 2010 there were so many new registrations and so much traffic on the site that it was temporarily overloaded. Users complained about the slowness in loading content.

There is also competition on the way. Facebook also wants to try with an application to be a question portal that gives meaningful answers.