How is crispness quantified

Global specialists for the measurement of textures and physical properties

The texture analysis gauges, manufactured and marketed by Stable Micro Systems since 1987, are now the standard in the food industry and are rapidly gaining popularity in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and other manufacturing industries.

A selected team of developers and engineers provides customers with excellent technical support and expertise. Stable Micro Systems also offers an application laboratory in which users' measurement projects can be optimized.

The texture analyzer TA.XTplus and TA.HDplus represent the core of the Stable Micro Systems product range. They can be used to test additives, semi-finished products and end products. Texture properties such as hardness, stickiness, crispness and elasticity can be measured and quantified using various measuring probes and tools that can be used on the device. In addition to a large number of standard tools, these can also be manufactured for a specific application according to customer requirements.

The test results are generated by the software specially tailored to the texture analyzer exponent analyzed and then presented to the user in user-friendly graphs.

Our product range also includes the Powder Flow Analyzer to investigate the flow behavior of powders and the Volscan Profiler for precise laser-based measurement of the volume of baked goods.

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All sales partners are trained in the use of the devices by Stable Micro Systems.

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