Why is kabaddi not an Olympic sport

Jet ski or "fangis": Gaga sport at the Asian Games


The Asians have a few suggestions as to what could become Olympic: volleyball with feet, jet skis or fangis.

If you look to Indonesia these days, you realize once again: There is simply nothing that does not exist. The Asians hold their "little Olympic Games", the Asian Games, in Jakarta and Sumatra. Some of the sports in which medals are awarded there can, from a European point of view, be described in one word: crazy!

What you could imagine as a discipline on the Playstation or a smartphone game is real here. This looks spectacular with the Sepak Takraw, for example. Similar to volleyball, a small ball is played over a 1.52 meter high net - but only with the feet. Thanks to jumping power and flight actions, which sometimes even end in a somersault, good players hit the ball well above the top of the net.

At first glance, it is confused with kabaddi, a type of fangi that is only popular with children in this country. One player at a time is allowed to move into the opposing half of the game and has to touch as many opponents as possible there, for which points are awarded. As soon as he has done that, the opponents are allowed to hold him back and bring him down, which can look pretty brutal. If the attacking player no longer reaches his own half, the opponents get points.

Bridge. Competitive. With medals!

The matter seems even more unusual to us because the player has to shout «kabaddi kabaddi» continuously when attacking - to show the referee that he is not breathing in during his attack, otherwise the attempt will be aborted. 13 nations take part in the competition, in India kabaddi is practiced outdoors and is a popular sport.

At the Asian Games, however, there are almost entirely unknown sports, not only in Europe. All Olympic disciplines are part of the Asian Games. There is also bowling or the card game bridge. A total of 462 sets of medals are awarded, more than 150 more than at the Olympic Games.

Other sports are jet skiing or paragliding, martial arts or soft tennis. Perhaps the Asians with their bizarre disciplines are also pioneers for the Olympic Games; Sepak Takraw, for example, wants to go there soon.

For this year, in addition to canoe polo, e-sports were also included in the program as a demonstration sport at the Asian Games. The awards from the six video games do not yet count towards the medal table, but “League of Legends” or “Clash Royale” could soon be listed on the same level as football or handball.