Why is the coolant level low?


Re: Error message: coolant level low

Contribution from Uncle Dominik »Thu 04/09/09 8:17 p.m.

After several visits to the workshop, the problem was resolved.

Yes, there is a sensor in the expansion tank for the coolant ... despite the correct fill level, it indicated that there was too little coolant.

After replacing this sensor, the error message disappeared ... but came back after a few kilometers ... Conclusion: New workshop appointment for the following week.

At this second appointment it was found that the seal on the sensor was leaking. As a result, the cooler lost coolant through the leak at operating temperature ... consequently the error message "coolant level too low" came up again ... which was actually the case. So the sealing ring was replaced and everything should be ok now ...

I was looking forward to my car, picked it up and after about 2km I was amazed to find that the error message reappeared! GREAT! Called the workshop again the next morning and negotiated an appointment on the same day ...

I was kind of tired of driving the distance of around 20km from work to the Peugeot dealer several times ... but it's about my car ...
Back at the dealership, I was constantly standing with the chief mechanic and watching what he was doing ... He opened the cover of the expansion tank and there was clearly too little coolant in it again! The system was checked again for leaks with an "air pump", which could be pretty much ruled out at a pressure of 0.8 bar. The chief mechanic's thesis was that there might still be air in the system somewhere ... so we once again filled the coolant tank excessively and then screwed the lid back on.

That should have been a little more than a week ago and the error message has not appeared since then ...

Unfortunately, I am already cursing all the sensor bells and whistles in modern cars ... my 406 would NEVER have bothered about something like that, because no sensors were built in for that ...

In the last two weeks there have also been two new errors:
-The window lifter at the rear left has come loose from the window ... consequently the window could not be lowered (because the adhesion to the seal was higher than the weight of the pane and it did not come down with it), but it could still be kept closed.
-Error message "ABS defective" and "ASR / ESP defective" ... Error occurs sporadically ... Research here in the forum first indicates the brake light switch, which probably goes often ... but that should be the Peugeot mechanics next visit find out for yourself!
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