What is a multi-needle embroidery machine

JUKI QVP SAI multi-needle embroidery machine


The excellent quality and durability of industrial machines are summarized here in one compact size.

JUKI QVP SAI - the multi-needle embroidery machine

The JUKI QVP SAI is a semi-professional multi-needle embroidery machine. It offers you high-quality workmanship and performance and is ideally used for commercial use or for demanding hobby stickers.

Product features:

Needle systemDBx1
Sewing speedmax. 800 stitches / min
Thread monitorYes
automatic thread cutterYes
Max. Embroidery area (W x D)300x200mm
interface2x USB and 1x LAN
File formatdst., tcf. Etc.
Embroidery softwareINCLUDING SAI Writter Plus software 31 alphabets 1300 embroidery designs


The corresponding embroidery software "Tajima Writer Plus" is included in the scope of delivery. With this software you can easily convert pictures, drawings, and fonts into an embroidery file, then save them on the USB stick and then transfer them to the machine or send them directly to the machine or several machines via LAN cable. The high-resolution touchscreen (3.5x6 inch) allows further editing of the embroidery motifs. Mirror, rotate, enlarge or reduce motifs to your heart's content. If you make changes to the size, the stitches will be recalculated for constant stitch density. You also have the option of showing the embroidery as a simulation directly on the display. The built-in position laser system ensures the perfect positioning of your embroidery.


The Juki QVP SAI offers you enough space. A space of 300x200mm is available for large motifs or fonts. The embroidery area is effectively illuminated by numerous LEDs, the brightness of which can be adjusted. The needle threads can be threaded very easily, and each thread has its own threading path. So nothing gets confused. Each embroidery thread is automatically cut when the color is changed, even if there are jump stitches. The maximum stitch speed of 800 stitches per minute is immediately available for every embroidery. This enables time-saving embroidery of large motifs and motifs with many different stitch lengths. A thread monitor checks whether there is a thread breakage or a thread ends, or whether the bobbin is empty and immediately provides information and automatically stops the embroidery process. In most cases the bobbin can be opened without removing the frame. You can see the current status of your embroidery at any time on the embroidery progress bar.

Embroider even more with the Juki QVP multi-needle embroidery machine. Cap, bag, sock, magnet and several round frames are available as optional accessories. So you can let your creativity run free!

Semi-professional multi-needle embroidery machine with 8 needles

With the Juki QVP SAI it is possible to embroider multi-colored embroidery motifs with only a few thread changes. The outstanding quality and durability of industrial machines, combined in a compact way, enable the beautiful embroidery of filigree or very large embroidery motifs.
The Juki QVP SAI can embroider up to 800 stitches per minute quickly, while the speed is maintained with different stitch lengths.
6 different alphabets are contained in the touch panel itself. You will find another 31 alphabets in the SAI Writer Plus embroidery software supplied.

automatic thread cutter

If desired, the threads are automatically cut off for jump stitches, when changing color and when finishing the embroidery design. So you always get a clean motif.

easy and accurate placement of embroidery designs

The built-in laser positioning system allows you to position your embroidery motif perfectly. It also gives you the option to move around the embroidery field in advance of embroidery.
The thread monitor of your Juki QVP SAI immediately reports one of your 8 upper threads or the bobbin thread has broken. It automatically stops the embroidery process and gives an alarm signal.

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