What are the best golf training equipment

Golf training equipment - overview

Golf training equipment - putting, chipping, golf swing

The golf swing is a very demanding and highly coordinative movement. The whole shot looks pretty easy when you watch it, but anyone who has ever dealt with a club and golf ball can tell you a thing or two about it. In order to acquire the right technique for golf swing, you should have the movement sequence checked by a golf pro on a regular basis. There are also some useful golf exercise equipment that can help promote proper exercise. We introduce you to some helpful golf training devices and explain what exactly they do.

PGA TOUR Golf Swing & Grip Trainer

Hit a hook or a slice? The right grip can go a long way in avoiding having to search for the ball to the right or left of the target.

Detailed information

  • Ergonomically shaped handle
  • Increases your marksmanship and accuracy
  • PGA professional training device

Ultrasport golf putting mat

The putter is usually the most frequently used golf club in your golf bag. In order to keep as few strokes as possible on the green, you can train anywhere with the golf putting mat. Improve your golf skills in the office, at home or while traveling.

Detailed information

  • Dimensions: 200 × 30 cm
  • With an automatic ball throw-back system
  • Training wherever you are

Golf GPS devices

The help of GPS devices is an excellent training method in golf. You can ideally estimate which club you can achieve which distances with which. GPS devices are currently available as wristwatches or computers similar to small smartphones. With pre-installed maps, the golf course being played is automatically recognized. For the future, smart glasses or data glasses could improve and shape GPS perception many times over.

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