Where do snakes hide in a house?

How do you find escaped snakes?

Here is a small checklist:

First of all, you should search the immediate area around the pool; it is not uncommon for the animal to simply lie behind the pool. Usually there is also a lot of dust behind the basin, so that the crawl tracks could possibly provide information about the whereabouts. If you are unsuccessful, you should check the area around the baseboards - very few snakes crawl around unprotected in the middle of the room, the animals are more likely to pull it towards a wall, where cables and other junk provide a safe place to hide. I found most of the outliers in these corners. If you are not lucky there, the rest of the apartment has to believe it: all cupboards, bookshelves, baseboards, sofa seats, plants, shoes, etc. must be examined. Try to empathize with the animal, look for places in the room that are snake-compatible, i.e. narrow, not too cool and undisturbed. It is of course also important to only open the windows in the room to ventilate the room under supervision. At all costs you should avoid the queue at the neighbor's, otherwise the police, fire brigade and the friendly editors of various tabloid newspapers will soon ring the doorbell. If you are unlucky, a landlord hostile to the reptiles will view this incident as a reason for termination.

If you are not lucky with that either, it becomes more difficult. First of all, you have to prevent the snake from leaving the room. If you are lucky and you are sure that the line is still in the room, you should lie in wait in the evening / at night. To do this, you first turn off the light and wait for some time in the dark, motionless with a flashlight, for an activity sign. Sometimes you can also hear the animal when it crawls over something, which makes a noise. It has also proven useful to set up hiding spots in the room, e.g. a crumpled up T-shirt or towel in various corners that could be interesting for snakes. Noise traps (e.g. balls of paper or plastic bags) are also a good aid to locate the animals. To make sure that the missing snake is still in the apartment / terrarium room, you can also sprinkle flour in places where you might suspect the snake. If you're lucky, the runaway leaves such a telltale trail.

If you can't find the snake like that, you can also offer food in the room. It is best to offer a live mouse in a container that the snake can get in, but not out again with a full stomach. But this is usually difficult to achieve because hardly anyone can estimate the exact dimensions of the animal.

If you are not lucky with that either, you can only hope to find the animal by chance. Unfortunately, despite all these well-intentioned tips, it is not uncommon for the former terrarium inhabitant to disappear forever. Therefore, one should minimize the risk of outbreak through regular checks, tight terrariums and terrarium locks so that one is not confronted with this problem at all.