Would a straight guy wear nail polish

Feminism: MEN, paint your fingernails!

“I like to wear unisex clothes” is a sentence that I have often uttered in my life. A personal revolution, an enrichment, a first step out of patriarchy. A fusion of gender stereotypes was the unisex, which came to Germany many years ago as a result of the Scandinavian hype and the normcore movement. What I ignored at the time was that unisex in fashion really only meant that women dress like men. Moving away from the emphasis on the body, towards loose clothing. Women abandoned their stereotyped femininity in their outfits and dressed according to the principle of stereotyped men: jeans, T-shirts, sneakers.

Whenever I see men in stereotypical women's outfits, it's either Mardi Gras or Christopher Street Day. Men in mini skirts, spaghetti tank tops, dresses or high heels are disguised, gay or trans - and not “unisex”. As soon as men fall off their uniforms, consisting of jeans, T-shirts, shirts and sweaters, for the most part they have to take a stand, pursue a rebellion or assign themselves to a sexuality. Unisex is not unisex at all, because the concept of gender-decoupled clothing should actually apply to both genders, right?

In fashion, women are quite ahead of men. You can dress and express yourself however you want without being pigeonholed. So I can come to work one day in a huge, plaid suit and go to ice cream the next day in a mini dress and ballet flats. Nobody cares. Nobody asks me if I am gay when I wear “boyfriend jeans” and at the same time I can be a lesbian, even if I like lipstick and high heels. The world currently looks different for men.

Even in cosmopolitan Berlin, where nobody feels interested in each other's outfits and where there are no limits to fashionable freedom, you rarely or never see straight men wearing mini skirts, lipstick, high heels or baguette bags . But I noticed one little thing here in Berlin that seems to be making the rounds more and more: nail polish.

After the color “pink” and “metrosexuality” à la David Beckham, nail polish is the next little fashion rebellion of male straight men who want to defy their external stereotypes. The metrosexual outcry, which basically just described straight men who were interested in their style of clothing and personal hygiene, was a bit ridiculous. Even what is taken for granted today and definitely not an indicator of sexual preferences was so new ten years ago that it was given the name “metrosexuality”. And again a fashionable need of the man was labeled with a "sexuality". Absolutely unnecessary and the wrong direction.

It would be about time for men to develop fashionably without making a statement, being categorized or being given a name. Is the world still not ready for men who put on makeup and actually dress UNISEX without pursuing a rebellion or embodying a sexual preference?

Maybe soon. Now that I see more and more men with blue, black, red, metallic, and glitter-colored nail polishes on the street, that little bit of hope that is waiting for more variety in fashion has reignited. Until then, let me say from my side:

Men, paint your fingernails!