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Circular hike to the Hirzli and back




Hirzli circular route

Niederurnen (Morgenholz) - Niederurnen (Morgenholz)

This tour leads to the most rewarding mountain in the Glarner Unterland. The panorama and the view of the Lin plateau, the Zurich and Walensee are overwhelming. With good visibility you can even see the Black Forest and the Randen in the northern background.

The starting point of this hike is the mountain station (980 m above sea level) of the Niederurnen-Morgenholz cable car. The aerial cableway to Morgenholz (almost a 10-minute ride) facilitates access to the valley and helps the mountain residents to have a year-round connection with the village. Up here you are in the Niederurner Alpental, a recreational area for young and old. From Zurich, the Niederurner Täli, as the Niederurner call it, is practically the first mountain range with an alpine character. It should be particularly emphasized that the Hirzli consists of Nagelfluh, a sedimentary rock. Sedimentary rocks are mechanical or chemical deposits that used to exist on the sea floor.
The Hirzli and the Planggenstock are best climbed early in the morning or in early summer and autumn. For those with a head for heights, Hirzli and Planggenstock can also be combined over the ridge.

It goes up steeply to Alp Schwinfärch. We are moving here on a section of the Niederurn Sculpture Trail. The original wooden figures (carved with a chainsaw by forester Thomas Jud) make the ascent varied. The expanded Robinson playground on the descent to Mettmen with a log cabin, fireplace and “cable car” for the children compensates the family for the effort. Thirst and hunger can also be quenched cheaply in the Hirzli restaurant.

Source: www.wanderland.ch and created by myself