Will Aaron Rodgers win another ring

Third and Long - the mailbag after the Championship Games: Brady doesn't stop with another ring!

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What is Aaron Rodgers doing? What trades could there be?

kivkav, H-Molker, Erwin Villavicencio, Simon, Christian Steinwender, Niklas: Is Rodgers finished with the Packers, does he try again somewhere else (see Brady)? I can imagine that it is very pissed off. Where is Rodgers playing next year?

No, Rodgers isn’t done with the Packers and I’m confident that he’s going to be the starting quarterback at Green Bay in week 1 of 2021.

I had already written a little about it yesterday and I am still convinced that a lot of frustration shortly after the end of the game played a role, understandably. I don't think Rodgers wants to leave the Packers, nor do I think there's any argument between Rodgers and Matt LaFleur or Rodgers and the Packers.

But what I do think is that Rodgers is flexing his muscles. Even before the NFC Championship Game, he said that his future was "a wonderful mystery". And now the addition: "The future of many of the guys here is uncertain, including my own future."

On the one hand, it was an honest moment when Rodgers expressed his sadness that many offensive starters have expired contracts. The team will look different and teammates with whom you got through all the ups and downs of a season and won many games will not be there in two months.

But I also interpret it as a kind of warning shot to my own team. That they should now put more resources into him and this current title window, that the focus should be on the here and now in 2021 and that he expects the appropriate support for the squad planning. A "we are not missing much, now it's your turn", so to speak.

Even if the Packers were willing to trade Rodgers, we would be talking about a dramatic upheaval. Green Bay is already almost $ 30 million above the cap, provided that it levels off at $ 176 million - a Rodgers trade would result in a $ 31.5 million dead cap. The Packers would save $ 5.5 million, but they would also have to be ready to start Jordan Love, who was completely kept out this season.

The way for me at the Packers would be this: Go all-in for another year. Give Rodgers a second top weapon alongside Davante Adams, extend with Corey Linsley, look for reinforcements early in the draft that can have a direct impact, and so on.

And not to please Rodgers. Well, maybe a little. Perhaps an adapted contract will also help here. But most of all, Green Bay was one game away from the Super Bowl - again - and compared to last year, the Packers were a real top team up there this year, with a top 5 offense and a perfectly legitimate chance to win the title win.

Now would be the point to put all the chips in the middle of the table - what Green Bay didn't want to do last year and which for me without a doubt also led to frustration at Rodgers. And the fact that Green Bay went 13-3 and was in the Conference Championship Game doesn't play the central role for me either: The Packers didn't do anything in the last offseason apart from signing Devin Funchess to improve the offense in the short term , you can turn and turn it as you want.

Instead, they have focused on the long-term perspective, a mindset that may make perfect sense from a franchise perspective. But you'd be naive to think that didn't stay on Rodgers' head. And yet he played an MVP-worthy season, from a Packers point of view there should be no reason to part with Rodgers now. That's exactly what Matt LaFleur said after the game. Should there be any trace of doubt on the part of Rodgers himself, the Packers should be able to resolve it quickly.

Because you would be on the wrong track for me if you didn't approach the coming months with a clear goal: To win another Super Bowl with an elite quarterback while you have him. Because I think it is very unlikely that Rodgers will end his career in Green Bay.

NilleSB: Which non-QB trades would you like to see in the offseason?

  • Patriots trade cornerback Stephon Gilmore to Dallas: The offseason of the cowboys is first and foremost about Dak Prescott. But assuming that a solution will be found here and with the assumption in the back of the mind that the expectations in Big D will be gigantic: Dallas will approach this offseason aggressively, while the Patriots may choose the path of the (soft?) Rebuild. Gilmore would initially be a trade bargain for the receiving team (one year, $ 7.5 million), with a new deal likely to come along with the trade. That in turn would give Dallas leeway to push the cap hit backwards accordingly.
  • Texans trade Brandin Cooks to Green Bay: The rebuild in Houston is in full swing, you could say: if already, because already; and Cooks is now very familiar with being traded. Apparently he is annoyed by this, but a trade with a contender? Catch Aaron Rodgers Passports? That should calm the mind. A trade doesn't leave a dead cap and would cost the Packers $ 12 million against the cap in 2021; Green Bay will definitely have to do some cap acrobatics. But this is how Rodgers gets his legitimate number 2 weapon and the Packers go all-in for 2021.
  • Browns trade David Njoku to Arizona: Njoku had already asked the Browns for a trade last summer. Then he changed his mind, and at the trade deadline, rumors were circulating about a tight end trade request. All in all, it was a disappointing season marked by injuries - maybe a change of scene is the best step for everyone involved? Njoku wouldn't leave a dead cap and would be an experiment for the receiving team for a year and six million dollars. The Cardinals desperately need a presence in the middle of the field and basically more playmakers. Njoku could take on the number 1 TE role in a pass-heavy offense, which he will certainly not get in Cleveland for the time being.
  • Texans trade J.J. Watt to Buffalo: I don't know what's going to happen to Deshaun Watson - there are currently a shocking number of signs that the 25-year-old is trading. Once you lose trust in the team owner, it's hard to fix and Watson is all too aware of his power. But even before the whole Easterby-Watson madness started, I had Watt as a clear trade candidate on the slip. A trade would be a short-term move for a contender, Houston could part ways with him without a dead cap to generate at least some draft capital, and Watt would be a one-year rental with a cap hit over $ 17.5 million. The Bills would be such a team that would be upgrading before Josh Allen gets really expensive - and Buffalo has had tremendous problems all season with putting pressure on the quarterback outside of Jerry Hughes.
  • Falcons trade Julio Jones to Washington: I don't know who's going to be quarterback in the capital. Is Washington going up in the draft for someone? Is Stafford coming? Or is there a completely different idea? Either way, this offense urgently needs more playmakers, namely playmakers who also cause damage deeper than five yards downfield. Jones (remaining contract after a trade: 3 years, 38 million dollars) would be an excellent mentor for Terry McLaurin and would relieve the young receiver on the field at the same time, while Atlanta ushered in the soft upheaval.