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Pumpkin pie spice

The famous pumpkin pie is not just a treat for Halloween that everyone should have tried. We have now developed the right blend of spices, which of course also harmonizes wonderfully with all other pumpkin dishes - whether sweet or savory, whether fried, baked or cooked.

The coarse spice mixture should be finely crushed shortly before use in order to be able to fully enjoy the fruity, warm-spicy and slightly spicy notes of the pumpkin pie spice.

Something that always works well is tying a sachet of spices. You can easily use tea bags to fill yourself or tea eggs. Would you like an example? Fill our pumpkin pie spice into a spice bag. Then let it steep in hot milk, froth the milk a little and pour in some espresso. Tata - a perfect pumpkin spice latte!

Worth knowing: The pumpkin pie has a long tradition in the USA. There it is a real classic for Thanksgiving or Halloween in autumn and should not be missing as a sweet temptation on the table. The pumpkin originally comes from North America and came to Europe and thus to England via the French. The sweet pumpkin cakes are found in cookbooks for the first time around the 17th century. The "Pilgrims" brought the pumpkin back to America in cake form around the 19th century. Since then, it has been indispensable there on the holidays.

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