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Best Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems of 2021

The best Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems make it easy and straightforward to create a frustration-free calling experience.

Best IVR services

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1. RingCentral Office

2. Five9

3. NICE inContact

4. Genesys Cloud

5 Twilio

Interactive voice response systems are an integral part of most business phone systems and aim to provide a smooth calling experience by routing calls from customers to the right person or department. and usually offer automated telephone support. They can be used to provide additional information and accept payments as part of a pending courier

to improve the customer experience.

One of the main advantages of IVR systems is that they can handle large volumes of calls much more efficiently and cheaply than human assistants. You can also from your telephone service

work out so that there are no upfront hardware costs. When used correctly, IVRs can offer a very inexpensive and fast way to automatically connect customers to the service they need.

As cloud phone systems become more popular, IVR options are increasingly being adopted as the standard, especially on larger platforms that offer call center software, experience or even experience

Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS)

. In addition, a software-based interactive voice response can be used to

Analysis data

so that you can better assess the performance of your phone system in its inbox is displayed, as well as that of your agents and other employees who use it. This allows a company to optimize the system to increase caller satisfaction and improve completion rates. It doesn't matter if you have one

VoIP service
    or use a hardware solution, we offer the best interactive voice response systems available today.
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presented. (Image credit: RingCentral) 1. RingCentral Bureau For Small Business Telephones Reasons To Buy + Small Business Solution
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RingCentral Office

is a cloud-based business phone system for small businesses. It may contain a tiered IVR that includes auto attendant functions. As a cloud-based solution, this means that users are not limited to just desk phones, but can instead use the free RingCentral apps to activate their smartphones and other mobile devices as softphones. If PBX phones and / or headsets are required, these can be provided directly by RingCentral. The graduated IVR function offers an automated telephone menu that can be used to direct customers to system extensions, voicemail or even external telephone numbers. It's also flexible and allows you to provide different IVR menus for different desktops. It is even possible to have a separate number for a specific IVR menu that is independent of the main company number. IVR menus are set up and configured with a visual editor and up to 250 different menus can be activated simultaneously.
  • The only limitation is that RingCentral Office has different levels of service. However, the multi-level function for automatic attendant is only available in the standard plan.
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RingCentral Office Report


(Image credit: Five9) 2. Five9 Easy Cloud IVR Reasons to Buy + Easy to Use + Drag and Drop functionality


Contact center solution


offers an industry leading cloud contact center solution that includes IVR as well as one of its many features. The software enables intelligent forwarding of incoming calls as well as a variety of automatic dialing modes and also supports omnichannel communication via telephone, video, social media, email or chat apps. A wide range of CRM integrations is also available, including for Salesforce, Oracle, Zendesk, and Netsuite. The IVR functionality aims to provide intuitive self-service using advanced speech recognition technology to improve the customer experience and enable agents to handle more complex cases. However, since the IVR system is part of the overall call center solution, customers can easily go outside to speak to an agent if necessary. It's easy to set up IVR in Five9 using drag and drop options to configure your system, including callback options to help identify customer needs more quickly and customize their jo urney. And since everything is based on a digital platform, analytical data can both be used to improve business operations and optimize the customer experience. Reports can be generated in real time or based on historical data.