Which flower does not produce a smell?

These 5 plants stink to heaven

Yes, some plants actually stink to heaven. With these "fragrances" they either attract vital pollinators or protect themselves from predators. But you don't want these wonders of nature in your own garden. Here you will find five plants that - there is no other way to put it - stink to heaven.

Titan arum (Amorphophallus titanum)

The Southeast Asian titan arum or titan arum not only has the largest inflorescences in the world - they reach heights of up to three meters - it also stinks tremendously. The titan arum gives off an intense carrion odor that is hard to bear for humans, but irresistible for insects. They are attracted in droves and pollinate the plant. The titan arum can be admired in real life in some of the country's botanical gardens.

Long-handled rose woodruff (Phuopsis stylosa)

It looks beautiful with its spherical pink to purple colored flowers, delights with a long flowering time, which in some places lasts from spring to winter, and yet, the long-handled rose forest master stinks. The penetrating "scent" that it spreads is reminiscent of wet fur, which is why the plant also has the unflattering nickname "wet fox" in English. So you should think carefully about whether you put this beauty of flowers in your bed.

Asant (Ferula assa-foetida)

For obvious reasons, the asant is also called stinkasant or devil's dirt. The neat perennial with the umbel-shaped, pale yellow inflorescences has a taproot from which, if you cut it open, a milky sap emerges that gives off a pungent garlic odor. But this juice can be dried in the sun, where it becomes resinous, and can then be used as a delicious condiment in the kitchen. Especially in India, but also in Pakistan or Iran, it is often an integral part of many dishes. Incidentally, in the Middle Ages, the resin of the asant was burned to drive away its enemies.

Clary Sage (Salvia sclarea)

The clary sage, which blooms wonderfully in early summer, is not perceived by everyone as an unpleasant "stink plant". While it smells spicy and aromatic for some, it smells unmistakably of sweat for others. Nonetheless, clary sage is a tried and tested medicinal plant that provides relief from inflammation or headaches. The idiosyncratic herbs are also used in the kitchen.

Amphitecna macrophylla

You have probably already cooked cabbage, haven't you? This smell, which then hangs all over the house, spreads Aphitecna macrophylla, also known as "Black Calabash". The stench is strongest when it is dark. The plant attracts its pollinators, nocturnal bats.