All gyms should be free

Sports and leisure: swimming pools, sports facilities, zoos and playgrounds

Sports activities are only possible to a limited extent. Fitness studios, dance studios and similar facilities must remain closed.
The non-contact exercise of sports outdoors is only permitted alone, with people from your own household and a maximum of one other household. If people from two households do sports together, a maximum of five people applies. The following exceptions apply:

  • Outside, children up to 14 years of age are allowed to do sports together in fixed groups of up to 20 people. If a supervisor is present, they must be able to show a current negative Corona test.
  • Groups of up to 10 people can do sports together outdoors if they have a negative Corona test.
  • In the context of medically prescribed rehabilitation sport, groups of up to 10 people plus one supervisor are permitted.
  • People who are considered fully vaccinated or recovered are not counted.
  • Further exceptions apply to national and regional cadre athletes, athletes in professional leagues and professional athletes.

Swimming pools

The outdoor areas of the zoo and zoo as well as the gardens may continue to be open to the public. Closed rooms such as animal houses and greenhouses are also allowed to open, provided that the number of visitors is regulated. Outside, visitors must wear at least one medical face mask inside. An FFP2 mask without a valve is required to enter the closed rooms.

The parks of the capital can be visited while observing the minimum distance regulations. In the event of overcrowding, the parks can be cleared. The stay in public parks and facilities is permitted for people from a maximum of two households. No more than 5 people may come together at the same time. Own children up to the age of 14 as well as fully vaccinated and recovered persons are not counted.

Excursions in the open air such as boat tours and city tours may be offered. Guests must book an appointment in advance and present a current negative corona test or proof of vaccination or recovery.

These regulations are based on the SARS-CoV-2 Infection Protection Measures Ordinance.