What is the name of the study of pronunciation

to study

  • Use (his / her) whole energy · (really) try (to) · give (yourself) (right) effort · ↗ (yourself) hang in (properly) strain main form · put (yourself) in the dishes fig., out of date · to tear out (oneself) arms and legs coll., fig. · To stand on the hind legs coll., Fig. · ↗ to clamp (oneself) behind it. · To tear one's ass open coarse · to lay down (one's self) in the flooring infus ugs. · ↗ to kneel in. · Accelerate inf. · ↗power inf. · ↗ranklotzen inf. · reinklotzen inf. · do what we can inf.
  • Show (real) engagement · Show (real) engagement · ↗ (properly) hang in · ↗ (yourself) make an effort Main form