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Sustainable bag - the 10 most beautiful eco handbag labels

In need of a sustainable bag? So that the optimal fair fashion outfits are complete, the matching eco handbags must of course not be missing. Finding the perfect eco handbag is not that easy, some people might think. But that's not the case! We have discovered great labels for you that make sustainable bags. Whether casual, sexy or casual: You can combine our selection to create a wide variety of looks without having to feel guilty about wearing them. Bye bye snakeskin, zebra skin and Co. here you will find chic eco handbags with class! You can find our vegan pocket guide here.


1 ׀ HESA - timelessly beautiful design classics
The value of the craft. The beautiful creations of the design engineer Theresa Föhrenbacher radiate this. She is the founder of the German slow fashion label Hesa and lovingly handcraft all of her bags in her own atelier. Less is more - in the truest sense of the word: Theresa not only uses ecological and environmentally conscious materials such as vegetable-inherited cowhide from Europe. It also works according to the zero waste principle with as little waste as possible and has decided against a conventional online shop in terms of added value and appreciation. The beautiful Hesa Bags are available to order. That means a little more anticipation until the bag arrives - and at the same time a lot of personal care and a handbag according to your wishes, which you will enjoy for a lifetime. They shine in the colors natural, cognac, chestnut, espresso and black Hesa Bags as timelessly beautiful everyday companions. In Theresa's range you will find, among other things, handle bags, clutches, cross-body and bucket bags. The design is simple and yet sophisticated and versatile. Each Hesa is multifunctional and can be designed according to your individual preferences.


2 ׀ HIITU - handbags based on nature
The special label was founded Hiitu by the sisters Rosalie and Carlotta Cramer Velcro. Inspired by the connection between humans and nature, the two developed a creative project from which their beautiful designs sprang. Together with carefully selected manufacturers and craftsmen from different cultures, the sisters develop unique collections that should fill their owners with joy and accompany them for a lifetime. The sustainable bags from Hiitu are handmade and made from vegetable. This means that the leather tanning process is completely chemical-free and not harmful to the environment or nature. The lining of the Eco handbags is made of cotton. If you haven't already fallen in love with one of the clutches, shoulder bags or purses, there is one for you Hiitu In addition to the popular handbags, you can also discover wonderful jewelry and other accessories.


3 ׀ EARLY - simple looks
The designer of the label Early called Valerie Sietzy and comes from Frankfurt am Main. Your eco handbags are simple, discreet and very tastefully designed and created for their future owners. For this purpose, chrome-free tanned or vintage leather is used, which is further processed by regional manufacturers. In addition, for the production of the sustainable bags that are used for "Eco Edition" include, sustainable olive leather used. The focus of Early is primarily based on ethical and ecological awareness, which of course is also reflected in the designs. Because it is played with the simple natural material that wanders through the stylish hands of the designer and turns into modern bags that are just waiting to be staged. We especially like them »Vintage Edition«, which is made from cowhide leather, which dates from the 70s and 80s. At Early everyone will definitely find the perfect sustainable bag!


4 ׀ BRIDGE & TUNNEL - The label with a lot of jeans
The still small but fine brand Bridge & Tunnel* sits in beautiful Hamburg and is from Hanna Charlotte Erhorn and Constanze Klotz directed. Hanna is a trained textile designer and is responsible for the beautiful designs and production. Constanze holds a PhD in cultural studies and takes care of everything to do with communication, cooperation and fundraising. The two have the most important thing in common, because with Bridge & Tunnel they want to make the world better step by step. Her small five-person team has been supported by refugee women and men from Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria since 2016. The jointly produced denim designs are created from excess material and old textiles, which are further processed and put into a new context. Such is the great backpack, for example "Jasvir" came about, which is very popular with many connoisseurs of the label. We have to admit that we quickly fell in love, because the denim look is something new and absolutely suitable for everyday use.


5 ׀ LELLOR - simple eco handbags
We love our sustainable bag from Lellor! The simple and handmade Eco handbags by Lellor are carefully and with great attention to detail by the designer Isabel Liebmann conceived and handmade. Suitable cowhide leather is selected for all copies, so that every single sustainable bag remains individual and unique. Because leather has natural characteristics, be it a grain, folds or different surface structures. Lellor makes the difference and that is that Isabel does not produce en masse, but always has a limited edition in her online shop. Because every part is made by hand in Hamburg. Whoever absolutely needs a sustainable bag from Lellorthat is currently unavailable can go online to the »Pocket Update« and will be notified as soon as the copy is available again.


6 ׀ MARIN ET MARINE - Maritime handbags
The label was founded Marin Et Marine* from the twins Caroline Marine and Valérie Lever from Berlin. The two of them attach great importance to quality, because for them it is much more important and nicer to own durable things instead of thousands. They want to convey this philosophy to the outside world with the help of their brand and pass it on to their community. So that the sustainable bags from Marin Et Marine accompany their owners for as long as possible, every sustainable bag is made using the finest and most durable materials and carefully handcrafted. Naturally dyed organic cotton and vegetable-tanned leather are used for production, which are processed exclusively in German factories. No unnecessary paths, no chemistry, no fanfare. The sisters draw inspiration for the look of their duffel bags and leather bags from their French homeland, Brittany, and from their travel discoveries. The bags are available in different colors and sizes so that the whole family can let off steam in the online shop.


7 ׀ ABURY - designs with a cultural background
The label Abury combines traditional craftsmanship with modern designs in an innovative way. Because from Abury everyone benefits - the fans, the artisans and the designers. Since 2015 Andrea Bury looking for new talent through a competition called "Abury Design Experience" be scouted and selected. The winner gets the chance to travel to a country for 2 months and develop a capsule collection there together with the artisans. Incidentally, 50% of the profits flow into the "Abury Foundation"that benefits all those involved in production. In addition to the beautiful Berber bags, there are also backpacks, clutches, shoppers, tote bags and vintage bags to discover in the online shop. Have a look and let yourself be seduced by the cultural flair Abury!


8 ׀ FREITAG - sporty designs
Markus and Daniel Friday are the names of the two guys who founded the label in 1993 Friday founded. The Swiss were inspired by the traffic that rushed past their apartment door day in and day out, and so the graphic designers came up with the idea of ​​making functional bags from old truck tarpaulins, bicycle tubes and seat belts. Recycling on its best! It also leads Friday the material F-abric. This is a European material that is obtained from bast fibers, hemp and modal, does not harm the environment and saves water. Everyone knows them, everyone likes them, many wear them. The colorful sustainable bags from Fridaythat couldn't be better. Because they are water-repellent, very robust and each part is unique. There are now many different models that promise everything your heart desires, from backpacks to tote bags and laptop bags. The practical travel bags are particularly popular.


9 ׀ MONDAY MARKET - Cool It-Bags
Behind Monday Market* are two designers from Berlin. The two have been working together in the popular cosmopolitan city for a number of years and have focused on the processing of vegetable-tanned leather. They get the leather from leftovers or business closings, which is why the collections are often limited. In the online shop there are very different looks that amount to cool bum bags, handbags and backpacks. The bum bag "Luca" made of golden leather is particularly remembered because it comes across as cool and casual. Really great if you dare to do something and want to attract a lot of looks.


10 ׀ IMKE DISSELHOFF - graphic handbags
The designer Imke Disselhoff has been a staunch vegetarian and animal lover for many years. She is disappointed with the changes in the fashion industry today and would like to counteract this with environmental and animal welfare. For this reason, she only uses leather from farm animals that are subject to the guidelines of the organic farmers' association "Biocircle" being held. Vegetable tannins such as tare, valonia and rhubarb are used to obtain the leather. Chrome is completely omitted. The designs of the "Collection # 1" are characterized by their minimalism and the reference to graphic elements. This is particularly practical because they can be combined with many looks and worn as often as possible.


Photos: PR, Suzana Holtgrave, Muriel Liebmann, Silvia Conde, Carla Cuenca Cortes, Lisa Rothfuss / Bridge & Tunnel

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