How do I become an experienced artist

An experienced artist, but always on the move

On Friday evening, the Altendorf Culture Commission and Paul Malina invited to the vernissage in the Breitenhof. Betty Peter praised the tireless and inventive art of Paul Malina.

"It's still too early to speak of a life's work," said Betty Peter from the SchwyzKulturPlus association in her laudatory speech about the artist Paul Malina. But there have already been around 35 years in which the native Slovak painted, drew and repeatedly experimented. "Paul Malina is always on the move according to his motto: see, search, find," said Betty Peter, sketching the artist's picture. Which, of course, can best be grasped with the works now presented. Mountain, alpine and natural landscapes as well as cityscapes are recurring favorite motifs. And he shows them as he sees them: sometimes in bold, loud colors, but also in subdued, sensitive brushstrokes; small flowers trumpet over a large area, details come to the fore.

Motto «autumn timeless»

Free spirit and constant urge for further development are brilliantly expressed in the artist's unmistakable mixed technique. Luminous in the truest sense of the word. And Paul Malina also beamed at the vernissage. The large number of art lovers present testified to the respect for the painter, whose art is not only “autumn-timeless”, as the exhibition's motto is, but “timeless, not subject to any fashion”, as Betty Peter aptly put it. The exhibition in the Breitenhof Altendorf will be open almost every day until Sunday, November 3rd.

Höfner Volksblatt and March-Anzeiger / Johanna Mächler