How much does a meeting moderator cost

Internet Zoom: meeting costs at a glance


Depending on the number of participants and the purpose of use, the cost of video conferences on Zoom varies. Zoom offers you various subscriptions and offers, which we have summarized for you in this article.

Video conferencing prices on Zoom

To better understand the price overview, we briefly explain key terms such as: Attendees, Moderator and the option "Large meeting".

  • The Moderator is the initiator of the video chat. He plans and starts the video conferences and takes care of the associated settings. He also invites the other participants.
  • Attendees are the invitees added to a meeting by a moderator. As a participant, you do not necessarily need a Zoom account to take part in a video conference, only the invitation or the link to the meeting.
  • There is also the so-called "Large meeting"Option that allows you to top up the maximum number of participants without the need for the most expensive tariff.

In the following overview we have summarized the subscriptions for you and noted the maximum number of participants that can take part in a video chat. Please note that for German customers, sales tax may be added to the prices quoted. Zoom is a subscription-based Service, which means that the selected plan every month or every year automatically renewed. Depending on which plan you choose when you take out a subscription. The subscription can be canceled at any time during the term.

Zoom webinar cost

Zoom has a special offer for webinars: You can organize events or online workshops for 100 to 10,000 participants from 37 euros per month and host. While video conferences are collaborative events in which the participants can all actively intervene via video and audio, webinars are designed in such a way that the participants are only passively present in the spectator role. Audio and video sharing is for designated panelists and the host only.

You can even increase the number of viewers via streaming on Facebook Live or YouTube. Viewers can either be muted or actively participate. Other integrated functions include, for example, live questions, the integration of PayPal for additional content that is subject to a fee, and surveys. Zoom webinars are therefore suitable for training courses, workshops or major events.