All insects and beetles are egg-shaped

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At a Glance Within the class of insects, beetles represent the greatest order. Their body has a hard outer skeleton and is divided into head, chest and abdomen. On the one hand, beetles can be very useful (e.g. as a pest control), on the other hand they can cause great damage because the larvae eat a lot. With us z. B. the seven-point ladybug or the stag beetle native. A2 –W– Assign the texts to the correct pictures. A3 –W– Beetle exhibition: Get together in groups and do research on a beetle of your choice. Creates a profile on a poster. Choose a suitable picture or make a drawing. Present your beetle in a short lecture. B4 Common rose beetle B8 Asian ladybird B5 Field cockchafer B9 Seven-point ladybug B6 Book printer B10 Colorado beetle B7 Leather beetle B11 Common gravedigger The beetle you are looking for has a round head and an egg-shaped body. His body is streaked. He feeds z. B. of potato leaves. This beetle is a biological pest killer. It is red with several black spots. Its larvae live in rotten wood. Its preferred diet is nectar and pollen from hedge roses. This beetle can't fly. It is completely black with slightly longer antennae. The larvae of this beetle cause great damage under the bark of trees. This species of beetle was fought with poison for a long time and is very rare today. A characteristic of this species are the red-brown fan-like antennae. This beetle has a very good sense of smell, with which it finds dead animals, which it buries as food for the larvae. It is colored red and black. The beetle we are looking for was originally brought to Europe for biological pest control. Now it is feared that it will displace native ladybird species. 63 Insects For testing purposes only - property of the publisher öbv

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