Where did vampire-repellent vampires come from?

Nights of temptation

Chapter 3: At Work (Censored)

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Chapter 3: At Work (Censored)

Integra glided weightlessly and with lazy satisfaction through a deep blue cosmos strewn with sparkling dots when she was nudged roughly on the shoulder.

"My lady. - My lady ... Sir Integra. Wake up. It's almost eight o'clock, ”said Walter's busy voice.

Integra grumbled to herself, felt for her bedspread, pulled it over her head and dozed off again.

Walter was speechless. Was his protégé sick?

"Integra. Are you up? "


No Answer.

"Should I postpone the nine o'clock appointment? Or - what do we have there? ", Walter discovered crumbs of beige plaster on the sky-blue bedspread and quickly combined his eyes at the ceiling.

The chandelier was in a miserable condition and could fall on the still sleepy lady at any moment.

Without thinking any longer about the possible consequences, Walter grabbed Integra including the blanket and lifted her out of the danger zone with a little more effort than 20 years ago.

And not a second too early.

The metal bracket shattered into several parts under the weight of the chandelier, the electric cable tore and threw crackling sparks.

With a thud, he pierced the mattress at the point where Integra had just been lying.

Integra, who was not used to such rough wake-up methods from Walter, was just about to scold him. However, he was spared that when she became aware of the sudden events.

Her mood quickly changed from anger to gratitude, but this state did not last long either.

"Can you explain to me why the candlestick is no longer hanging in its place?" Walter wanted to know and looked into her face carefully.

"I'm sorry Walter, but since I'm not a technician, I can't answer this question for you ... Uh, Walter. Would you have the kindness to put me back on earth? ",

, It raced through her mind.

Without a word, Walter complied with her request and put her on her feet.

"I'll have the electrician come immediately," said Walter.

"Yes, ... and please have a look around for a new mattress.", Integra added to his train of thought.

Walter nodded and, still not entirely convinced, stroked his perfectly shaved chin.

"Would you mind if I bring your breakfast to the office or - chrome, chrome.", He interrupted and turned neatly by 180 degrees away from Integra.

Slightly irritated, she asked: “Walter, what is this supposed to be? What is wrong with you?"

"Well sir. Just the decency. I would very much appreciate it if you would also contribute something. "

"You speak in riddles Walter.", Angrily, Integra looked down at herself and knew immediately what the good Walter had meant.

Her bathrobe gaped apart and showed her whole sexy body, which had been covered by the bedspread that had slipped to the floor.

She quickly pulled the collar of her coat together in front of her chest and thought with a bright red head what a treasure Walter was after all.

Quite different from a certain person who was up to mischief in this property.

"If I am allowed to comment, I would like to ask you to see a doctor, because I have noticed a change in your ... skin color that cannot be overlooked ... Are you socially acceptable again?" Walter spoke up. Waiting patiently for an answer.

"Yes, I am ... a doctor? I'm sorry Walter, but I feel great. There is no need. ”, Integra replied, resolving to look into the matter when Walter was gone.

He had turned back to her and his face, gray with age, reflected sincere concern and a dash of suspicion.

"Shall I bring you something to the office now?" He asked again instead.

He knew only too well that she wouldn't reveal any weaknesses to him or anyone else. He could only give her well-intentioned advice. She had to decide for herself what to do with it.

“Did you say nine o'clock? Well. Well ... Yeah, bring me something little to the office at eight-thirty. And don't forget the mattress. I'm not keen on room camping. Thanks Walter. “, She ended the conversation.

Walter bowed slightly and said goodbye with the words: "Very good, Sir Hellsing."


Meanwhile, Alucard lay in his coffin, greedily sipping on a bag of blood.

When it was empty, he tossed it carelessly across the room to the countless others.

<Verfluchter Mist.>

He was cruelly angry about last night and about himself.

Of course, he knew he was a rampant creature ... But lose control?

Once again he tried to remember the events more precisely ... conversation, idea, integra, bosom, red ...

A red veil of mist covered the subsequent impressions and only became clear again when it dangled from the ceiling or from the candlestick.

He had landed back in the dungeon pretty weak and drained almost all of his blood for the month.

Of course, 3 - 4 hours of sleep in the coffin would have been enough to regain strength. With the best will in the world, he would not have gotten the taste of it off his tongue.

Unfortunately, the replacement was pretty weak.

Compared to its noble, velvety soft and at the same time heavy, almost intrusive, flowery taste, it was sewage.

Alucard took a deep breath.

He had let himself go and forgotten himself and his curse.

Had he not been tied, he would have picked up this delicate bud the first time they met.

Pedophile or not, it would have been just another little line on Satan's list of sins, with his innumerable offenses.

<Verdammtes Cromwell-Siegel.>

He quickly glanced at his gloves and soberly noticed that the embroidered pentagrams had flickered open.

"The little lady is probably very sensitive today." If the seal reacted to thoughts of ideas long ago ...

A smile passed his lips.

He couldn't help it.

It actually bothered him that she resisted him so much. But it also had its own special charm.

He was a hunter.

Every difficulty was a challenge.

He wouldn't be satisfied with a small win. He wanted her utterly.

Every skin cell, no matter how small, should crave for him. With the same intensity as his, the desire should burn in her bowels.

All your life.

An extremely rare yawn made him pause in his thoughts.

He was tired and wouldn't be up until dusk. He lay down lazily, more comfortably. He was dozed off with his hand on the gun.


Integra was busier than usual that day.

Or did it just seem that way because she was so tired?

By now she must have had several liters of black tea.

Slightly shaky, she lit one of her special cigars and with relish drew the first torrent of smoke into her lungs.

She busily scanned a police report and searched the military's arms file for new, improved hand grenades.

In her mind she was already on her way to the bedroom to listen to the new mattress when Walter stormed through the door in a reasonable hurry.

"Sir Hellsing!" He called on the way from the door to the desk.

"A Category B mission. Here are the latest results from the police and the army."

When he got to Integra, he put a hastily assembled file on the desk for her.

"Category B? So bad? Has Alucard been informed? ”She asked, while leafing through the notes and satellite photos.

"Yes" to all three points. Alucard is woken up at this moment. The gang's hideout is in an abandoned industrial area. The Gouls not counting five. ", Informed Walter.

“Filthy bastards! In spite of everything, that works out pretty well. Alucard should give them hell. Search and destroy. "

"Very well, my mistress." It came from the dark corner next to the door of the room.

Integra ignored him and said to Walter: “The premises are deserted. Do you have the permits for the attack? "

"Already confirmed. We have a free run. No explosive chemicals. "

"Well. What does the press know? "

"Military exercises. How many men do we send? "

“Alucard, five hundred soldiers, complete equipment. Two helicopters. Cordon off the area, keep civilians away. Track down Gouls and render them harmless. He's killing the freaks. Any questions? “, Integra looked up.

"No, sir," said Walter.

"Are you coming with me?" Alucard asked and leaned casually, with arms crossed over his chest, under the portrait of Integra's father.

Integra gave him an icy look and grudgingly replied: “Of course I'll be there. As with any job. That is my duty as the head of the Hellsing organization. "

"Yes of course. Please forgive me for the obvious question. “, Alucard said casually.

Integra was seething inside.

<Du arrogantes Arschloch. Was fragst du auch so scheinheilig? Am liebsten würde ich dir in die Eier treten... Dann dienten sie wenigstens einem guten Zweck.>

Apparently he had picked up her thoughts. So obvious were their intentions.

Alucard smiled a little wider.

Walter, who only noticed the tense atmosphere, felt very out of place and tried to loosen up the mood in his own way.

"Before I forget. Another letter came through bomb control for you personally, Sir Hellsing. If -".

"That has to wait now Walter, check the contents, I now have an assignment to monitor.", Integra stomped past the two men and, turning to Alucard, threw the following threat into his reception area.

<Ich hab noch ein Hühnchen mit dir zu rupfen. Wehe dir, wenn du nach dem Auftrag einfach verschwindest.>

Alucard's voice rang in her head.



The door was already slamming behind Integra.

All of this was a mystery to poor Walter.

Questioningly and with a confused expression on his face, he looked up at his former partner.

He was still grinning and just said: "And I still have to do the job."

"Pop" and away.

Walter was all alone in the office and was just as smart as before.


Integra had dislocated a bulletproof vest, threw her olive-colored cloak over her shoulders, buckled her sword and tucked a five-millimeter in the shoulder holster.

Her hair flowing, she strode across the driveway to the Rolls Royce and instructed the driver to accelerate.

Within fifteen minutes they had left London and pulled up, tires screeching and a half-turn, in front of a three-meter-high chain link fence.

Integra got out and first had to lean against the wall of the car.

<Meine Güte. Bei jeder Kreuzung ist dieser Wahnsinnige ohne Rücksicht auf Verluste gerast. Mein Herz ist zwei Stockwerke nach unten gerutscht... Mit zweihundert Sachen ist der Kerl durch mehrere Landdörfer gebrettert. Wahrscheinlich haben wir mehr Aufmerksamkeit erregt, als eine Herde neonfarbener Wildschweine in einem Teehaus.>

She resolved to check his file.

She would bet he'd once been a racing driver ... And anyway, how did the old car get up to such speeds?

<... Walter!>

Didn't he mention that he wanted to test a new, more powerful engine?

<Weshalb beschleicht mich das seltsame Gefühl, dass die Männer in meiner Nähe, mich alle umbringen wollen?>

She chased the thought away and looked around.