How I forget my husband

How to forget the affair? And love my husband again?

Love her,

like some of you, I (had) an affair. It was how many times to describe wonderful, soulmank, love, tenderness and intimate, tender moments. Finally tingling in my stomach again. It all started harmlessly with inconsequential messages until we met, and more and more often. There was never much time, often only half an hour or an hour, for meetings in the car or in cafes, once we were intimate. It went on for about 4 months. I have to say that my husband read the news and got so suspicious and controlled me excessively. However, he forgave me. Only he's even more jealous than before. I have to say that we have known each other for 25 years and have been together. We met when we were 19.
Overall, it was a difficult situation for me. On the one hand, my friend gave me hope, even though he was lying and with a child. I also thought of a future together. On the other hand, it was impossible for me to steal a father from a child. Since my husband tries very hard for me, a separation on this level has been almost impossible for me because it was very ailing and has lost a lot of weight with grief. I feel something for him too, just wondering why I could allow an affair.
So I decided 3 weeks ago to end the affair. That made me very sad, and of course so did him. He kept writing and trying to change my mind, which made it even harder for me. Rejecting him again and again is terrible. Especially since nothing negative happened between us and I like and miss him a lot.

I would so much like to be carefree and worry-free again, which I haven't really managed so far. How do I get rid of my affair? I still think about him every day and check the cell phone, but I don't write (I've forbidden that). And for the last 3 days, he has been quiet for the first time.

And maybe does anyone of you have any advice on how I can find out whether I love my husband as he deserves?

LG Theresa

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