Am I a Pleiadian star seed or crazy

Ode to the star seeds

By Lisa Renee on her website; translated by Taygeta

From Lisa Renee's “Time Shift Blog”

Many of us who are on the Ascension Path or who have awakened remembering that we came from the stars (that they are a "Star Seed") came to Earth during this Ascension cycle to accomplish and accomplish a unique mission try to embody the highest blueprint of Christos consciousness and thus support the planetary awakening of the masses. Most of the star seeds chose for the incarnation in this cycle on the one hand very challenging earthly bloodlines, on the other hand they made agreements for very ambitious spiritual missions before birth, for which they had to work to the utmost in order to achieve their heroic mission with a high probability to be able to meet. We knew what was at stake in this particular incarnation. So many of us have undertaken intensive consciousness lessons and karmic clarifications for this life in order to overcome the polarities and entities and to gain mastery over a technological mind control, and also to learn more about the anti-human culture that influences this planet. As a result of taking 3-D Earth lessons, many of us have suffered greatly troubled and troubled childhood situations while trying to understand the world around us. Many have had to deal with the dysfunction and abuse situations within our own biological family members.

Most star seed people suffer from extensive memory erosion and have been harassed by the NAA (Negative Alien Agenda) from childhood to prevent them from discovering their true mission and spiritual purpose. As a result of this particular dark annoyance, many of us can develop unconscious complexes and have a painful body that thinks something is wrong with it or that makes us feel like we are a bad person just because we cannot understand how we could get into this strange situation. Was I a mass murderer in my previous life that it is actually justified that I am treated so badly? We are right to be amazed and confused by such bad treatments we receive because it is not as simple as it seems and the stories that are told to us are wrong. We need to awaken and remember exactly why we came to earth during this cycle of ascension.

Before incarnating into 3D Earth, we knew what responsibility we wanted to take on to heal the family of the original bloodline and that the spiritual support we would have to complete the ancestral healing would be provided . We just didn't know or remembered how much hard work it would actually involve!

Our competence in the field of restoring the holographic original patterns is now being applied to the collective consciousness grids of the earth, which automatically makes us a 'network worker', an acupuncture point to feed the rainbow frequencies into the network and to share our unique DNA pattern with the earth . We are surrounded by streams of light, and Kundalini energies gush out of some parts of the body like random ones, sparks leap from our hands and fingers, we experience an increasing sense of an open and expanding heart, and we have a crown that can be used for spontaneous soul restoration. Do not sleep anymore, Christos Star Seed, because now your body is an organic god technology for which there is no longer any difference between sleeping and waking time. You travel to the end of the universe to answer the wake up call and work with other spiritual family members on what needs to be done.

At this stage of development, our personal world explodes, all personal interests and preferences in 3D are washed away into non-existence, and all that is left is true spirit and service. As a result of this starseed mission, many of us not only suffer from an orphan complex, but can also feel treated as a "black sheep", an owl, an outcast, an eccentric or a madman. Many conventional 3D earth people around us seem to sense that we are energetically different, they know that we are different, but they don't know what it is exactly. You feel uncomfortable with these differences and begin to devise clever ways to verbally attack, emotionally manipulate, or work with fears that arise from blaming. Often times, a Star Seed Human can feel isolated, ridiculed, marginalized, and blamed for something they did not do by being pushed into the archetypal role of the scapegoat. "Oh my scapegoat, let me count the ways, how many times have other emotional burdens been placed on me as if it were my fault?" Or we feel like a wallflower trying to go unnoticed only to be subjected to someone else's emotional issue to experience a boatload of dark pebbles and ethereal weapons, only to emphasize that it was all my fault. This repetitive pattern doesn't exactly help us build our confidence.

However, the most important part of this starseed experience is that while it is not pleasant for people to feel that they can easily use you as a scapegoat or a whipping boy, it is a great learning opportunity to learn about the forces of this world and the negative Mastering 3D ego. It is an excellent way to learn to understand that if you do not fully love and accept yourself and reclaim your own spiritual power, someone or something will try to clear that light out of you by making you feel small. A standard setting on this planet is that ridicule and character slander are used by the local schoolyard tyrants to make those who are unwilling or unable to defend themselves feel bad. We have to come to that level where we recognize for ourselves who and what we are as star seed people, not justifying ourselves, but innocently and knowing that it is our task to win back our power for us and to love each other unconditionally with everything, what we've been through because we know everything has a purpose. We can no longer act as doormats for parasitic exchanges, suckling ourselves out of idiotic compassion and allowing our light, heart, and mind to be eroded by those driven by fear and intimidation.

This is my public confession as the Star Seed, that I was always considered the crazy one, the black sheep, the crazy one. As the one who is not understood by the people around me, and who is constantly criticized and belittled by those around me, trying to take control of what they cannot understand. As a teenager, I had thought of myself as the red-haired stepchild, the beaten-up child who was not wanted by the universe. The Lord God knows that it has cost me most of my life to understand my being as a star seed and to fully accept that I could regain my personal strength and stop caring about what others think of me. To fully regain my authentic Christ self, I had to choose to express my personal truth about everything, and I had to learn to ignore the stream of dark accusations directed against my ministerial mission. The darkness is dark and it lives in the shadows of ignorance and confusion in people's minds - it is just what it is. As a spiritual catalyst, as a person who puts the truth above discomfort, I have never been popular or well liked. Instead, my very presence makes some people feel deeply uncomfortable. All my life it has been a struggle to adjust to other people's expectations of me, to make ends meet, to get through the day, to be different from what was right for me. Even now, in my own direct realm of experience, I am more likely to be referred to as something I am not. I live my life on earth in such a way that I feel badly misunderstood by the majority of people, as a fish in the wrong pond, a curiosity here on planet earth.

I share my experience with the star seeds of this world so that they know that they are not alone with such feelings. Earth is a strange and beautiful place, but the judgmental nature of mind control is on turbo here. And it takes some getting used to being referred to or viewed as the black sheep or a strange owl just because you are yourself (...). Some of the most amazing things I've learned about life on earth is that 3D people generally don't understand the value system of “live and let live”. Instead, if you don't want to adjust to their lifestyle and disagree with everything they say, they tend to act immediately as if they were threatened. Somehow, 3D people take this kind of thing personally, and that's really alien to me. How can it be that when I am simply myself, as authentic as I know my inner self, that I threaten another person?

Recently, a member of the Star Seed Community informed us that she felt she was walking around the world with a big "F-You" on her forehead. This blog post is dedicated to that person and all of us who have felt this way over the years. She shared that people seem to react extremely negatively to her in order to belittle her. I wonder why this pack of people seem to want to dump a torrent of emotional junk on her and even enjoy it while excluding her at the same time. I had to laugh out loud because I recognized this pattern in my life too. During the toughest times of my nomadic spiritual phase, I was convinced that I was marked on my ethereal layers with a message that read, "Kick my butt". I later found out that my butt was kicked really hard in the process:

  • I had to learn my lessons, recognize my influence, and not abuse my power.
  • I had to totally love and accept myself, the real part of me that is unique and strange to others.
  • I had to take full responsibility for my mission and my life as it is now.
  • I had to make myself tougher and stop with idiotic compassion.
  • I had to learn to always listen to my inner voice, no matter what.
  • I had to fearlessly trust God and no one else.
  • I had to see where and how the darkness was preventing me from completing my mission.
  • I had to motivate myself to keep going, never to give up, even when the darkness kicked my butt like royalty.

Dear Star Seed Man, you have been blessed with unique and sometimes otherworldly gifts that appear to set you apart from others. So many of us struggle to find common interests in the 3D lifestyle and yet this is not what we are and what we want to offer this world. In many ways you are a person from the future, and you are one of the brightest and greatest lights in the world. You have a lot of value that you can offer people in this world. Sometimes the bright lights threaten to outshine others around them, and unfortunately this can make those others feel insecure about themselves. So the next time someone makes a remark about you, the is not very decent, remember that this person is feeling insecure. I know that you don't think that you are very powerful and intelligent, but you really are! Gather your courage to answer and say something nice, bless them to find inner peace, and happily go on on your own path. Insecure and fearful people abound in this world, and a simple act of kindness in the face of offense can actually restore faith in humanity.

Dear Star Seed Man, do not make yourself small or shudder if you are treated badly in any way, if you are labeled a black sheep or a weirdo, if you are a person excluded from mainstream acceptance. We are here to resist programming and control of the mind. We don't conform to the slave mentality. You are here to guide others around you. To be unique and different means to make an original contribution to earth culture and to influence the world by fearlessly letting your light shine, standing in your personal truth and speaking and acting out of your personal integrity. Personal integrity is the quality of being truthful and honest with yourself and others. It means living the way you are right now, in accordance with your personal value system. From that day on, may your personal prayer include that you make a commitment to follow your heart and that you will always be true to yourself. Honor your whole being and honor your life force. Explore the true content of your heart's desires and strive to see their higher purpose and strive to continue to grow spiritually. And only really give others what feels joyful and consistent to yourself. Do not negotiate with yourself or do not sacrifice your truth. Be bright, be light, be innocent, but stay strong and calm on course! We're in this together.

With love and GSF [“I am Gott, I am S.ouverän, I am F.rei "]


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