What do you call a monk


A nun sells books and cookies for a good cause. The money is used to help poor people, for example.

Nuns are women for whom belief is very important. They mostly live in a monastery with other nuns. Your life is very much centered on God. Every nun makes a promise upon entering the monastery. There are three parts to this vow: A nun promises to obey her boss. This is the abbess of the monastery. A nun renounces her own property. She gives everything she has when she enters the monastery. Third, she remains single. She doesn't have a husband because only God matters to her.

There are nuns in the Catholic and Orthodox Churches. They have different founders. All nuns who go back to the same founder form an order. They are therefore also called religious sisters. Their rules are exactly the same.

All nuns in the same monastery wear uniform clothing. It is never colorful, but mostly gray, black or dark blue. She also wears a veil and does not show anyone her hair. So do many Muslim women. They only show their hair to other women or their husband. The nuns do it the same way: when they are alone, they can take off the veil. Then she only sees God.

How does a woman become a nun?

When a woman enters a monastery, she does not immediately become a nun, but a novice. That actually means: newbie. She is living on a probationary period that lasts one to two years. During this time she gets to know the Bible better. She also gets to know the history of her community and its rules. She practices prayer, worship, silence, fasting and may even have lessons in a foreign language, especially Latin.

The novice concludes her probationary period with a party, that is: profession. On this feast she takes her vows. The word “vow” comes from the verb “vow” and means to promise. It promises obedience, poverty and celibacy. Her parents are usually invited to this festival, and maybe a few siblings too.

In the beginning, the nun makes a vow for a certain period of time, usually for a year. Then she can leave the monastery or renew her vows, maybe for two or three years. Most nuns take a vow for the rest of their lives much later.

How does a nun live?

These nuns wear a veil and can hardly be distinguished from Muslim women from behind.

The most important thing for a nun is to keep the three rules of the vow. The rest depends a little on the monastery in which she lives.

In all monasteries there are fixed times for church services and prayers. That can also be at night. There are monasteries in which a common prayer takes place in the church up to eight times a day. The nuns regularly get up in the middle of the night when the bell rings. They then go to church to pray in silence and then go back to bed.

Between the religious obligations, the nuns do what they need for their own life: they work in the kitchen or in the garden, wash clothes, clean, care for their sick and old sisters and much more.

Most of the time, there is still time left for the nuns to serve other people: In the Middle Ages, hospitals were only in monasteries. So you had to go there when you were sick. This is where the name “nurse” comes from. The medicinal herbs mostly grew in the monastery garden, which was enclosed by the cloister. In the monasteries there were valuable books on the treatment of diseases and the effects of herbs. The older nuns passed this knowledge on to the younger ones. So it was not lost.

There were also schools only in the monastery. Some of the nuns were the teachers. Of course, only girls were admitted to such schools and only those with rich parents. Boys of rich parents went to school with monks in a monastery.

There are also nuns in Buddhism and Hinduism. For them too, religion is very important in everyday life. Some of their lives are very similar to Catholic nuns.