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2 x 3 reasons why you should NOT buy this book

You can already juggle three balls - also "clean" and "safe". This book is especially for beginners who CANNOT juggle three balls.

Neurologists and specialists from the Universities of Regensburg and Jena have been able to scientifically prove that juggling expands the brain cells - even in adults - that worries you.

You are impatient and want to stay that way. With this book you will learn a lot about your own handling of lightness ... that bothers you.

Your self-confidence can no longer be improved. Juggling skills noticeably increase self-confidence and your self-esteem.

You can't stand cartoon characters. Then you won't like JONGLORO and the more than 170 illustrations either.

6. You hate change. Juggling is the best training for dealing with
Change processes. Juggling is a constant alternation between letting go to make room for something new ... and determined action to keep everything moving.


Mail to the author: Hi Stephan, I am writing to you in the you form as it is in your book. I hope that's ok I bought your book two weeks ago. Then I practiced when the weather was nice. What can I say after two days I managed to juggle three balls. A great feeling. A few days later I was able to juggle without any problems (over 100 litters without a break). I could never have imagined that I would ever learn that. I can only say: Thank you very much! ! ! Great book. Still best wishes. Kind regards from Braunschweig (Andreas Glause)

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Stephan Ehlers

I have been active as a motivator & juggler since 1995. My offer: Lecture & training, moderation & infotainment as well as business juggling & juggling even

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