What is the corporate video production company

everything about the image film.

A video is an eye-catcher at every trade fair - if it stands out from the videos of the competitors.

The main aim of the image film for trade fairs is to encourage visitors to stop. This is ensured on the one hand by the flat-screen TVs or projector projections on the exhibition stand - and on the other hand by the quality of the video.

All trade fair image films aim to

  • Eye catcher,
  • Impulse generator for making contact and
  • To be a company or brand ambassador.

To achieve this, the following points are important in the production of trade fair films:

Stand out, take off, impress

The image film is the perfect means to present yourself in direct comparison with the competition - and to stand out from them. Since the visitors are in constant motion, the film only has a few seconds to attract attention. The film itself, the style or individual scenes must be an eye catcher.

Start of conversation

If the image film manages to generate attention and "hold" the visitors, it offers the perfect opportunity for the colleagues at the stand to address the interested parties. The film also adds another dimension to the booth. That means you can present the products in action without actually having to exhibit them.


Conversations, presentations, music - at a turbulent trade fair, the image film must also work without sound. There are usually two solutions to this challenge. Firstly, you create a trade fair variant with subtitles or, secondly, you produce a special variant for explicit trade fair use. Both variants should work with expressive images that speak for themselves.


In addition to pure information about products and projects, moving images always convey emotions. A good image film makes the enthusiasm and drive behind the company's ideas tangible. In short: the spark must jump over to potential partners and new customers.

An image film that sums up the ideas and values ​​of a company finds exactly those viewers with whom the film hits a nerve. The film creates relevance. That has a lasting effect, especially when it comes to after-sales. Customers and partners who are convinced of the company and its employees also bind themselves to the company in the long term.