How often do people finish basic training

The "old hands" among the recruits

The basic training of the recruits Daniel Wittwer and Sebastian Arendt was so long ago that the regulations have changed.

Daniel Wittwer already served in the army in 2006 and then left the armed forces on a regular basis. After completing his training as a bricklayer, he made the decision to return to the Bundeswehr: this time to the Navy. Due to his previous service, Daniel Wittwer started as a corporal.

Sebastian Arendt worked in the army until 2011. He also ended his military service regularly. After some time in professional life, he wanted to reorient or reorient himself and also decided to join the Navy. Due to his previous employment, his professional training and the chosen commitment period, he started with a higher rank.

Further higher ranks among the recruits

There are some recruits to be seen who already have the rank of "Obermaat". This has to do with a longer commitment period as well as the fact that they are so-called "aptitude trainers" they have a corresponding usable vocational training.

The recruitment in the Bundeswehr depends on many factors that our career advisors discuss with anyone interested and can advise them individually on this.