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Downton Abbey 2: Second movie official - all information about cast, story & more

Are we looking forward to "Downton Abbey 2"? The series is one of the best of all time and the film was rightly very successful - and how we are looking forward to the start! But when will the sequel be in the cinemas, who will be involved and what is the new story about? We clarify.

The British Downton Abbey franchise is record breaking - literally. The award was a few years ago, but in 2011 Downton Abbey was named "The Top Rated TV Series by Critics" in the Guinness Book of Records. But now we switch to the movie Downton Abbey 2 and take a seat in the circle of the Crawleys.

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Warning, this article contains spoilers for the first Downton Abbey film.

Downton Abbey 2: Story Thoughts

Official plot details are not yet available. However, we don't expect a big jump in time, so Downton Abbey 2 will probably start at the end of Part 1. Since it's all about the characters, the story is probably secondary to many. Personal developments and fates are more decisive.

Downton Abbey 2 will very likely answer two questions: How will Daisy and Andy’s relationship and Tom and Lucy’s relationship continue? And: Does love have a chance and will there even be at least one wedding?

There is also a big question mark about Violet Crawley's health. After the first film thematized her death, the death of the female head of the family with the great easy-going mouth in Downton Abbey 2 is at least conceivable. And above all there is the key question: What does the future of the Crawley family look like?

Review of the first Downton Abbey film

The historical film Downton Abbey (2019) is set in Yorkshire. In the center of the action is the lordly country residence of the Crawleys, who await the royal couple in 1927. So the story takes place a year after the series ended.

The Earl of Grantham, Robert Crawley, is the first to find out about the upcoming high-ranking visitor and the expected trio of lunch, parade and dinner. He informs the family - not without a doubt whether they are up to the high standards of the guests.

Another conflict arises immediately, because Lady Maud Bagshaw of all people is supposed to accompany King George and Queen Mary as a lady-in-waiting on their journey. Bagshaw is a distant relative who is not really wanted by the Crawleys since an inheritance dispute. In addition, the employees are "not amused" about the condescending manner of the royal servants.

By the way: apart from the positive reviews and the enthusiasm among fans, the first movie was a real box-office hit. The budget was under $ 20 million and the film grossed around $ 190 million worldwide.

Downton Abbey: Cast of the 2nd movie

Friends of the Crawleys can look forward to an illustrious tea party with all familiar faces, because the regular cast is returning completely. First and foremost these actors who also participated in the series:

  • Elizabeth McGovern as Cora Crawley - the lady of the house
  • Hugh Bonneville as Robert Crawley - male head of the family
  • Lady Maggie Smith as Violet Crawley - female head of the family
  • Michelle Dockery as Mary Talbot - eldest daughter and presumed heir to the estate
  • Laura Carmichael as Edith Pelham - second eldest daughter in Mary's shadow
  • Allen Leech as Tom Branson - Estate Manager

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Ultimately, the film lives from the entire ensemble, which also includes housekeeper Mrs. Hughes, played by Phyllis Logan, and her current husband, the former butler Charles Carson (Jim Carter). The latter resumes his work in the first film and thus plays a key role.

Newcomers to the cast and changes of direction

The cast of Downton Abbey 2 has four actors: Laura Haddock ("Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2"), Hugh Dancy ("Hannibal"), Nathalie Baye ("Catch Me if You Can") and Dominic West ("The Wire"). Unfortunately, we don't know anything about their respective roles yet.

This time it is not Michael Engler who is sitting in the director's chair, but Simon Curtis. For "The Woman in Gold" the filmmaker worked with Downton Abbey actress Elizabeth McGovern. There is no question that franchise mastermind and screenwriter Julian Fellowes is still on board.

Theatrical release of the sequel

In April 2021, Universal Pictures announced the start of shooting Downton Abbey 2. It is already clear when the film will be released: The sequel will be released in Germany on December 23, 2021, according to the official website. Universal dated its US launch on December 22nd.

The Christmas release could be an indication of the setting of Downton Abbey 2. Will the sequel take place in the same season? We hope so, because the Christmas series episodes were already something special.

Either way: We look forward to magnificent costumes and the return of all the characters that we have grown to love in six seasons and a movie. Until then it means: wait and see and drink tea.

How much did you like the first Downton Abbey movie? Tell us in the comment.

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