How much will the Elektroneum increase in 2018

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Electroneum is a unique, award-winning project that focuses on providing large numbers of people with the tools they need to make a living in the digital economy.

A new way to generate income

AnyTask, our new freelancer marketplace enables millions of people who live in developing countries and have no bank details to participate in the global digital economy.

We are revolutionizing an already revolutionary industry!

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A new way of sending money

ETN is revolutionizing cross-border money transfer.
Send ETN anywhere in the world - almost free of charge (only for a fraction of a US cent).

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A new way to pay

There are over a billion people who have no bank details and therefore no digital payment option. No Visa card. No Mastercard. No paypal. No Apple Pay. Electroneum (ETN) helps people around the world pay for goods and services, be it in stores or on the internet.

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We work with regulators

Regulation is critical to the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies. For this reason, we voluntarily implemented the guidelines on customer verification (KYC) and money laundering prevention (AML) in 2018, even before they were required by the 5th European Money Laundering Directive. In this way, we ensure that all new users are onboarded accordingly and that we operate within the framework of the requirements of the 5th European Anti-Money Laundering Directive (and its subsequent implementation in the laws of England and Wales).

Trustworthy validators

Electroneum's network validators include trusted non-governmental organizations (NGOs) whose goals match ours. These NGOs use the earned ETN block rewards to promote their charity initiatives. In the coming months, mining will also be open to other organizations around the world, such as universities.


In order to prevent fraud, we were the first cryptocurrency project to voluntarily implement the guidelines for customer verification (KYC) and money laundering prevention (AML). In addition, we are the first to publish a moderated blockchain. This makes us immune to a 51% attack - ¬ the generally greatest threat to cryptocurrencies.


Did you know that some popular cryptocurrency projects are reported to use more energy than all of Switzerland's residents put together? It's different with Electroneum. Even though we process hundreds of thousands of transactions, Electroneum's network validators only use an amount of energy the equivalent of a dozen light bulbs.

Benefits for everyone


Earn more by promoting your skills to thousands of buyers on Use ETN to pay for everyday necessities, including cell phone credit, data volume and utility services. Send ETN anywhere in the world for a fraction (less than a US cent) the cost of traditional cross-border payments.

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Access to over a fifth of the world's population who can now make digital payments for the very first time. Our programming interface (API) gives your customers an easy way to spend the earned ETN for your products and services.

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Accept a new form of digital payment today and become a trailblazer in your community. ETN opens up new ways to pay for your community and helps to increase your buyer reach. At the same time, ETN promotes the growth of your company and increases sales.

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We are more than just an app. More than just a cryptocurrency.

New digital payment options

With our dealer directory you can find out where you can spend your ETN on site and on the Internet. If you have a business, take the chance and add your business to the directory. This is how you become part of our global network of retailers.

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Instant payment technology

Electroneum is the first cryptocurrency to introduce an instant payment system. We are thus expanding our ecosystem for digital payments and making ETN ideal for everyday purchases and transactions.

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Promote entrepreneurship

Unlike on other freelancer platforms, providers on do not need a bank account. This gives people in the world who do not have a bank account the opportunity to offer digital services and earn ETN.

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