What lessons in life teach us adversity

Wisdom from Viktor Frankl about love, meaning and courage

We can learn great lessons about life from studying the lives of those who have suffered great blows and have never given up. One such example is the wisdom of Viktor Frankl. Here is a selection of his best!

Last update: 09 July, 2020

The wisdom of Viktor Frankl are great life lessons. His words fill us with hope when the world turns gray and there seems to be no way out. And not only because of the words he has chosen, but above all because they are the knowledge from his own history and experience.

Frankl was an Austrian psychiatrist, neurologist and philosopher and the founder of logotherapy. He experienced the horrors of the Holocaust with his own eyes and was a prisoner in various concentration camps. It was from this perspective that he wrote his most famous book ... to say yes to life anyway: a psychologist experienced the concentration camp, in which he tells what terrible adversity he was exposed to there.

In his works Viktor Frankl teaches us about the importance of a meaningful life. He also emphasizes the need to transform ourselves when we cannot change the external circumstances.

Viktor Frankl is without a doubt an impressive example of resilience and self-improvement. He left us a great legacy that we would like to remember with some of his best wisdom.

Wisdoms from Viktor Frankl

The courage of tears

“There is no need to be ashamed of your tears. Tears show that a person had the greatest courage, the courage to suffer. "

Crying is not a sign of weakness, but rather a sign of courage. Tears show the courage to express our emotions and feelings. They help us to let go of the things that are suffocating us and tightening us up inside. They can speak when words are not enough to express that our souls are overflowing.

Tears help us blow off steam, communicate, and let other people know that we are suffering or not feeling well. We also show how we really are. They are a call for empathy and support.

The search for the meaning of life

"If a person cannot find a deep meaning, he will be delighted to distract himself."

For Viktor Frankl, the search for meaning in life was the true essence of life. When people cannot find this sense of themselves, their behavior is mainly driven by power and pleasure. These begin to determine a person's life, which ultimately leads to insignificance and the experience of an existential void.

It happens because these people turn the search for happiness and contentment into an end in itself. You embark on a spiral of pleasure that will never fulfill you. This pleasure is merely a short-term anesthetic for their suffering.

"Once a person is successful in finding meaning, it not only makes them happy, but also gains the ability to deal with suffering."

Finding a goal and discovering the meaning of life is actually very transformative because everything will change also the ability to face the adversities of life. When a person discovers the reasons for the why, he will be able to face all of life's questions. Because then his suffering becomes a challenge.

"The purpose of my life is to help others to find meaning in their lives."

After his experiences as a prisoner in concentration camps and the loss of his family, the meaning and purpose of his life became clear to Viktor Frankl: To help other people to find meaning and meaning in their life and to deal with emotional pain. And that's exactly what he did, because his whole approach revolved around the search for meaning.

Why it is important not to judge anyone

"Nobody should judge another person without asking himself in absolute honesty whether he might not have done the same in a similar situation."

This is one of Viktor Frankl's wisdoms that we should always keep in mind. We judge or evaluate other people almost every day. As soon as someone does not behave in the way we think is right, we tend to criticize them without even attempting to understand them.

However, we often forget that everyone has their own story, circumstances and experiences. And yet many people believe that they know the absolute truth and know how to behave “correctly” in every situation.

The questions that everyone should ask themselves are: Are you absolutely sure how you would act if you were in that person's situation? And who are you that you presume to judge what is right and what is wrong? Are you better than others Viktor Frankl directs these questions to us all with his wisdom.

Wisdoms from Viktor Frankl about the power of inner posture

"When we are no longer able to change a situation, the challenge is to change ourselves."

"Everything can be taken from a person, except for one thing: the last human freedom - to choose one's own attitude in every situation and to go one's own way."

This wisdom from Viktor Frankl is one of his most famous sayings. Many authors and experts quote them in their speeches, books and readings, to create awareness of how important our own attitude is in the face of adversity and various situations in our lives.

How often have you tried to change situations and people in life? How many times have you tried to make everything in life perfect and to direct everything as you would like it to be? However, you know yourself that this is not possible. Although you often act like you are in control, you still have no real influence over most things in life.

Still, there is something you can do: you can choose your outlook on life and your own attitude. And this cannot be taken from you.

You have the opportunity to change yourself and choose where you want to go, how you react and how you choose.

Love as truth

“I understood the truth that flowed into the songs of so many poets and that so many thinkers proclaimed in their ultimate wisdom. The truth that love is the ultimate and highest goal that a person can strive for. "

“Love is the only way to grasp another person in the very core of his personality. No one can become fully aware of another person's true essence if they do not love them. Through this love he can recognize the essential characteristics and qualities. "

These wisdoms from Viktor Frankl are probably those with the greatest depth and wisdom. Love as truth, as a goal and as a means of support for everyone. In fact, Frankl said that self-transcendence is only possible when people surrender to someone or something and forget about themselves.

As you can see, these statements cannot leave anyone indifferent and indifferent; they are true wisdom. You can use these words if you really want to get to know yourself or get ahead in life. They also help us never forget what is really important in life.

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