How can I do the portability of mobile phone numbers

Immediate porting of the mobile number: this is how it works

Immediate porting of the mobile number: this is how it works
Image: A mobile phone number can not only be transferred to another provider at the end of the previous contract, but also during an ongoing contractual relationship. This immediate porting has been anchored in law since 2012, so it must be offered by all providers. However, the customer has to consider certain things so that the porting works before the end of the contract. In addition, he has to consider that he still has a valid contract with the old provider and that he has to pay for it.

If you want to take your number with you from the previous provider to a new provider, you must inform your old provider about this plan. The procedure for doing this is different. Some providers require a call to the customer hotline, others offer an online tool. In case of doubt, the customer can find out from customer service which procedure the own provider enables. As part of the information, the mobile phone number is released for immediate porting for a period of 30 days.

Procedure: First inform the old provider, then apply for porting

The application for the transfer of the number must therefore be submitted by the new provider within this 30-day period, otherwise it will be rejected again. Immediate porting of the mobile number: this is how it works
Image: The rejection also occurs if the provider asks for the number before it has been approved by the previous provider. Especially if you inform your old provider in writing about the change request, you should rather wait a few days until the port has been entered in the database.

If the new mobile phone contract, including immediate porting, is ordered from the new provider, the latter then contacts the old provider and regulates all further steps. Ideally, the customer will be informed of the switchover date by both providers. The change process itself is usually feasible within about two weeks.

Old contract can get a new number and must be paid in any case

If the change date has come, the known number only works in combination with the new SIM card from the new provider. However, the old SIM card can be given a new number free of charge at the customer's request so that the old contract can continue to be used. The old provider is legally obliged to provide this number; this may not extend the contract or otherwise put the customer in a worse position. However, it is permitted that the replacement number is only switched at the express request of the customer. The customer can then port this number to another provider at the end of the contract, if he so wishes. Important for the customer: The concluded contract must be paid off in any case as contractually agreed - even if no replacement number is switched. And the old provider may ask for a maximum amount of 30.72 euros for the delivery of the number.

Immediate porting is not always possible

There are cases in which an immediate porting is not possible, since it is only apparently a matter of a change of provider. In fact, however, the customer legally wants a tariff change in which such porting is not intended. This is the case, for example, when a customer wants to switch from Base to Aldi Talk. Both offers are implemented by E-Plus Service GmbH.

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