Why can't you have a good Christmas

Christmas wishes

Christmas wishes

The Christmas season is a time of preparation: you make lists, buy Christmas gifts or order them online, make Christmas cards and send them to family, friends from outside and to relatives in the back corner. With all the cards you write, it is difficult to find the right words. Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year for the 10th time is simply not enough for you. We can understand that and therefore come to your aid with varied Christmas sayings that have already been collected. Thanks to us you can present your Christmas gifts for dad, mom and everyone else in an even more beautiful light. Christmas wishes can be varied. They can be fun, rhyming, personal, or just plain beautiful. Especially funny Christmas wishes for funny Christmas gifts are welcome and an ambitious goal for many card writers. Do you want to stand out with your Christmas wish? Impress the clan with the right Christmas wishes for the family, become a conversation at the upcoming Christmas party? Stick to our selection of Christmas wishes texts and you will not disappoint anyone, not even yourself. In case you don't know what to do next and your inner author has writer's block, keep this simple question in mind: what do I want for Christmas? The question aims at what Christmas wishes for cards you would be happy about. Writing good wishes for Christmas is therefore not that difficult - and practice makes perfect.

Christmas wishes kept short

In order to keep Christmas wishes short, it is best to leave it at the basics when writing your wish: no complicated rhymes, no adaptations to the name of the recipient of your Christmas mail, no ramblings. Short Christmas wishes can still be beautiful and demanding. A nice rhyme, a Christmas greeting that comes from the heart and that you mean that too and a signature. Written on a pretty card, you will surely convince with this short Christmas wish. Short words to the recipient can also be cool Christmas sayings that convey the Christmas message in a modern way, concisely and convincingly. Regardless of which variant and which Christmas wishes you choose, be sure: the thought counts and your friends and family will be happy to receive a card.

Merry Christmas wishes

Beautiful Christmas wishes to your loved ones can include great rhymes or even little Christmas poems. This underlines the contemplation of the pre-Christmas period and also adds a touch of poetry to your personal Christmas wishes. In order to make your Christmas wishes contemplative, you can not only fall back on the poetry, but also choose the card accordingly or even make it yourself. The Christmas colors par excellence are the classic burgundy (wine red) and of course gold - dear Christmas wishes that the recipients are longingly waiting for.

Design Christmas wishes for business

When it comes to business Christmas wishes, some people find it difficult. If you are missing out on Christmas wishes for your business partners, colleagues or even for your boss, then get smart with friends. What have you written in your Christmas wishes for colleagues over the past few years, what was well received, was there any feedback? In any case, you should write your wishes professionally; in case of doubt, they are still Christmas wishes for the business partner. A nice idea for Christmas wishes to customers is to write a little review. For example, thank you for a great collaboration and express your joy for the coming year. If you, as a supervisor or even boss, are looking for and want to send some Christmas wishes for employees, then always rely on the team. Thank you for the great work you have done and write down some motivating words for the coming financial year. Your employees will be happy about the Christmas wishes.