What does it mean to be at home

A few days ago I asked you on Instagram which topic you would like a new column on. At this point, first of all, thank you very much for the suggestions and personal messages that I then received from you. A suggestion immediately made me pause for several minutes and think about the question asked, and then I knew: this is my next column topic! The question asked by a dear reader (Anna from lifeiscottoncandy) was the following: "Arriving - what is home when you travel so often?".

Yes, what does “home” actually mean to me? At the moment I would call our apartment in Munich home. “Home” is where I live, our own home. A place where I feel good.

As many of you may remember, I had finished with Munich shortly before our world tour, and was ready to move to a completely different, perhaps even very distant, place afterwards. But after a few months of traveling, I realized that Munich is exactly the place I want to come back to. To whom WE wanted to come back. Currently, for the near future - because at some point, this home may be in a completely different place.

A home, that we both became very aware of during this trip, that is what we need. As good as it is to travel, it is also good to return home. To have a home in which you feel safe. Permanent “living out of the suitcase” would not be for us.

As much as I love traveling, and as much as I enjoy being on the road for six months, it would still not be for me to travel non-stop, to be on a permanent trip around the world. There has to be this place that we can always return to. It's not necessarily about possession, about the fact that “all my things are there”, but rather about a feeling.

The feeling of entering your own apartment, which is a kind of oasis of well-being for us. By the way, we are often asked why we don't rent our apartment through airbnb when we travel so often and sometimes for a long time. On the one hand it is simply not allowed with us (and we love our apartment so that we never want to lose it), on the other hand for the exact reason that it is “our” home and we don't do this with complete strangers People want to share.

In a certain way, however, my parents' house and that of my in-laws are also a home. I would probably be heartbroken if my parents moved at some point and I couldn't go back to this place, which is associated with so many childhood memories.

And Bali, which I like to call my “Home Away From Home”, actually feels like a second home. Every time I arrive in this distant place and see so much familiar things there, I feel at home in a certain way. And the longing for Bali is a constant companion when I'm not there.

The more I think about it, the more it occurs to me that “home” is not just a place, but also a feeling. You google for the term At home, by the way, one ends up relatively quickly with the following definition: "Home, apartment in which someone is at home and feels comfortable" Yes, I can sign that. And various factors contribute to “feeling good”.

In a way, people also make us feel “at home”. These few, very special people in our lives, with whom we can be 100% ourselves, who accept us exactly as we are, who love us for all our strengths and weaknesses. Our parents, partners, but also the closest friends, whom we can almost count as family. Sometimes there are individual moments in which you feel “100% arrived”, and that too has something to do with “being at home”.

At this point I would like to hand over to you again: Where do you feel at home? How do you define this term? I am really looking forward to your thoughts on this very personal topic!


  • Sarah wrote nicely. My home is where my husband and daughter are. Without them, an apartment would be just an apartment. It also feels at home to me when I'm surrounded by people I've known all my life - there's just that special feeling of familiarity there. GLG Ivi from naomella.com

  • Great post. The term “home” or “home” is currently being highlighted again and again. What really makes us feel at home? For me it can also be a feeling, but it's somehow tied to a place. My four walls, to which I can always withdraw. In which I am not accountable to anyone. A correct definition is somehow difficult to give.

  • I love to travel, but I always look forward to my beautiful home, which is associated with so many beautiful memories.

  • I feel at home when I can look at the ceiling for hours and feel safe. And that with my husband. In our kitchen, especially since the day really begins in our kitchen. Just like when I'm with my daughter.

  • Home: The place where I can let myself go, where I can retreat, where I can start from, where I can return to. First and foremost my apartment with all the trimmings. Also the city in which I live, the region, the people. But home is also a feeling that arises as soon as the sky widens and seagulls circling. Arrived! Where do you go to the sea, please?