Is ACH the same as Autopay

Autoplay on the session player for music tracks


In versions 3.14 and higher of the Calm app, there is now an option to activate the automatic playback of music tracks.

To use this feature, just start a track and look for the autoplay icon to the left of the rewind button in the session player. Tap this icon to toggle between automatic playback of all music tracks, automatic playback of the current track in a loop and deactivation of automatic playback.


When autoplay is turned off, a gray circle icon with a gray slash appears. This means that the app will stop playing music at the end of the current track:


When autoplay is for all Tracks is enabled, a green arrow icon is displayed. This means that the app will continue to play songs from the music menu until you decide to pause it.


When autoplay is enabled for the current track, the same green loop icon with a '1' in the middle will be displayed to indicate a single track. This means the app will play the current song in a loop until you decide to stop:


To toggle between the autoplay options, simply tap the icon until the setting you want appears.

Please note that this function is currently only available for tracks that are played via the music menu.


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