Which IPTV do most hotels use

IPTV • Hotel TV

Data networks as new types of transmission and reception for broadcasting services are becoming increasingly popular and important. By means of Internet Protocol Television, or IPTV for short, the classic distribution channels, primarily those of television programs, are being shifted to the area of ​​high-speed networks. The playback of high-resolution content is also possible with IPTV HD.

DORMERO Hotel Hannover, source: Macnetix

Furthermore, with this purely digital transmission by means of additional multimedia services, added value is created that conventional broadcasting cannot offer in this form. In addition to the flexibility of use in a wide variety of scenarios such as private homes, companies, hotels or even hospitals, the options for customizing the display are of particular importance.

Video on Demand (VoD) is a particularly attractive variant of IPTV, which offers access to the extensive range of online video stores.

Another big advantage is for companies in the indivi-ualisability of the displayed content. While the service providers can present themselves on the front end with their own corporate identity (company logo, graphics), on the other hand they offer the customers services such as language settings that are tailored to their needs.

Ketschauer Hof, source: Macnetix

Furthermore, interactions and attractive value-added services can be implemented that go beyond teletext / EPG and online shopping offers. Hotel guests, patients, but also company employees have access to additional services such as B. Weather information, bills, bookings, company announcements and personal notifications.

The modularity of the systems also offers the customer a successful overview of current and future investments.