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Rock songs about murder and manslaughter

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We all know that rock songs are not always about peace, joy, pancakes - but this one 10 rock songs deal with dark and brutal topics: Murder & manslaughter

In this list you will find songs that are fictitious, but also songs that were inspired by real events.

Jimi Hendrix - Hey Joe (1966)

Hey joe“Today is an absolute classic and will be as good as ever Jimi Hendrix connected. The song actually came from the pen of a folk singer named Billy Roberts, who wrote it in the 1960s. Also before Hendrix Several other artists have already covered the song, but none of them landed as big a success as Hendrix, who made his breakthrough with the song.
The text is about two men talking to each other. The first line begins with a question from one of the men: "Hey joe, Where You Goin ‘with that Gun in your Hand?“(Hey Joe, where are you going with the gun in your hand?). In response, "Joe" said that he was going to kill his wife because she had betrayed him. When the two meet again later, Joe has put his plans into action and that murder committed. Now he wants to leave for Mexico.

Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody (1975)

It is not entirely clear what the text is from Queens "Bohemian Rhapsody“Acts exactly - but there are many theories about it. Among other things, that Freddie Mercurywho wrote the lyrics for this, processed childhood memories in the song or that he dealt with his sexuality. There was never a clear statement from the band - also out of respect for Mercury.
Instead, Queen always encouraged her fans to interpret the lyrics themselves. Especially a song like "Bohemian Rhapsody“Could be different for everyone. So it is ultimately the listener who decides how to understand this text. So it doesn't matter whether it's Freddie’s "old self" he is separating from.
The lines "Mama, Just killed a Man, Put a Gun Against his Head, Pulled my Trigger, now He’s Dead“(Mom, just murdered a man, put a gun to his head and pulled the trigger, now he's dead.) Speak clearly of one murder - whether it is a metaphorical one or not.

Johnny Cash - Folsom Prison Blues (1957)

Trains and prisons - the main theme in all Johnny Cash Songs, as well as in Folsom Prison Blues. Who doesn't know the legendary line "I Shot a Man in Reno just to Watch Him Die.“(In Reno, I shot a man just to see him die)? To Cashs own statement, the text arose when considering what the worst reason for a murder could be.
Starting with an appearance at Huntsville State Prison in 1957, which received a lot of positive feedback, played Cash often in prisons and began to campaign for the rights of prisoners. In 1968 he played the song on his legendary Appearance at Folsom Prison as the first song and the appearance was on the live album that same year "At Folsom Prison" released.

Aerosmith - Janie's Got A Gun (1989)

The song line "Janie's Got A Gun“Amazingly, it existed long before it was clear what the song was about Aerosmith would go. The story is about "Janie", a girl who shoots her father for sexually abusing her. However, these facts were added later. Steven Tyler came up with the text idea out of anger about the fact that children who fall victim to their own parents receive too little attention.
In the original version, the song is much clearer in the description of the rape. Instead of "He jacked a little baby" is it [called "He raped a little baby". At the request of the producer at the time, the line for the recording was changed to "Janie's Got a Gun" to make it more suitable for radio. However, when performing live, you can often hear the original lines.

Pearl Jam - Jeremy (1991)

As with many good songs, the lyrics are too "Jeremy" of Pearl Jam inspired by real events.
The main source for the text is a small newspaper article about a 16 year old boy named Jeremy Delle from Texas who shot himself in front of his teacher and his 30-person class. The chorus line "Jeremy Spoke In Class Today“(Jeremy spoke in class today) is probably referring to the fact that shortly before his suicide, the person Jeremy Wade said the phrase“ I have what I really wanted ”to his teacher. Reason for the Suicide should - at least in the representation in the song - have been bullying: "Clearly I remember pickin on the Boy - Seemed a Harmless Little Fuck but we Unleashed a Lion"(I can clearly remember pissing the boy off. Seemed like a harmless little guy, but we released a lion)
Indeed has singer Eddie Vedder I experienced something similar myself: During his school days there was a boy who shot a gun at an aquarium.

Nirvana - Where Did You Sleep Last Night (1994)

At "Where Did You Sleep Last Night" is an old American folk song that has been performed under many different titles and is about the murder of a man. For a long time it was best known as "In The Pines". Title on their MTV Unplugged album Nirvana the song, however, with "Where Did You Sleep Last Night“And thus gave younger audiences access to this song again. True said Kurt Cobainthat the song comes from his "favorite performer" Leadbelly, but actually the origin of this song is unknown.
The short text that is repeated is actually a conversation between a man and a woman: "Where Did You Sleep Last Night? ”(Where did you sleep last night?) Is the question the husband asks his wife who is cheating on him. She answers "In The Pines, Where The Sun Don’t Ever Shine, I Would Shiver The Whole Night Through“(In the (pine) forest, where the sun never shines, I've been freezing all night). Contrary to the obvious assumption, however, it is not the woman who dies here, but the man when he tries to follow her: "His head was found in a driving wheel but his body never was found“(His head was found in a pinion, but his body was never found.)

The Black Keys - Ten Cent Pistol (2010)

Contrary to what the name suggests, it is a "Ten Cent Pistol”Not a pistol at all, but a very cheap one, but also very good aggressive acid. In the song of the Black Keys a woman takes revenge on her (ex) husband and his affair. The sung-about woman pours the acid on the two faces and burns them badly.
It remains to be seen whether the two will succumb to their injuries. However, there is a small indication that this is a cruel one murder acts: "The couple screamed, but it was far too late“(The couple screamed, but it was too late). The last lines of the chorus are therefore to be understood almost sarcastically "She Hit Them With A Ten Cent Pistol And Theyve Never Been The Same"(She hit them with a" ten cent pistol "and they were never the same.)

Fleetwood Mac - Blood On The Floor (1970)

As bluesy and soft as this song by Fleetwood Mac begins, without listening carefully you would not have guessed what this is about. Although the song sounds like an apparently carefree rocking along, it has a more than macabre text: "Well Goodbye World, It's sad but true Got a date with the hangman, I have to leave you. I Shot my darlin 'Three Times or More, The reason I'm Going is Blood on the Floor"(Goodbye world, it's sad but true, have a date with the hangman and have to leave you. I shot my girlfriend three times or more / more. The reason I go is the blood on the floor).
The reason for the man's act is the fact that he caught his wife cheating. Unlike in other songs, the narrator of this song is not on the run or just about to commit the act, but is already in prison - and waiting for his death penalty.

Pink Floyd - One Of These Days (1971)

While other songs tell a long story and explain who killed whom for what reason bring Pink Floyd your message straight to the point. "One of these days, I'm Going To Cut You Into Little Pieces"(One day I'll cut / tear you into small pieces.) Is the only line of lyrics in the song. Pink Floyd drummer Nick Mason recorded it through a ring modulator and slowed it down to create that extremely distorted sound.
According to the band, the line of text refers to the DJ Jimmy Youngwho worked as a presenter for BBC Radio 1 (later Radio 2). Because he tended to talk too much, he was extremely unpopular with the band. Have made true Pink Floyd their threat - fortunately - never. However, at some concerts in the early 1970s before "One of these days”Played a collage from excerpts from his radio show, in which he was“ cut up ”in the figurative sense.


In keeping with their name, they also sing Killers trans Murder - and that in three ways. In a song trilogy on their album "Hot foot" tell The killers the story of the murder of "Jenny". In part 1, "Leave The Bourbon On The Shelf“, The narrator tries desperately to prevent Jenny from leaving him. The next track "Midnight Show", is about the jealousy and anger that ultimately drives the killer to "take her breath away". The last part describes the scene in which the narrator denies the fact in an interrogation: "There Ain’t No Motive For This Crime, Jenny Was A Friend Of Mine“(There is no motive for this crime, Jenny was a friend of mine.)

Although "Jenny Was A Friend Of Mine“Never released as a single, the song is very popular with fans. The line “She Couldn’t Scream While I Held Her Close” is often replaced by “She Couldn’t Scream While I Held Her Throat” in live performances to emphasize the gloom of the song.

"Leave The Bourbon In The Shelf"
"Midnight Show"
"Jenny Was A Friend of Mine"

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