Why are high school referees so bad

Why is the referee treated so differently in football and rugby?

I think it has to do with the traditions. I think rugby was originally played by an upper class with a certain upbringing. I have a colleague who works as a part-time rugby referee and he's confused about why the referee doesn't send off half of the players in a football game. On the other hand, I am often confused about how much respect the referees have in rugby.

Another point of view might be that the expansion of football to conquer the world is based on the fact that you really don't need much to play football. It is cheaper and easier to play football compared to other sports (e.g. ice hockey). All you need is a ball (or something you can use as a ball) and a good imagination (to define the field and goals). "What does that have to do with anything?" , one might ask .. Well, if anyone and everyone can play football how they want, one could argue that people are taking their local manners and traditions and incorporating them into the game. I play football at an amateur level and the "quality" of the game, especially in terms of manners and temperament, is very closely related to the nationalities on the field.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, football has become such a big money maker that football associations do not dare / want to impose serious penalties for inappropriate behavior. I mean, there isn't a single person in the football world who could imagine putting a 10 match ban on diving on Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo. Or a seasonal ban on any player from yelling in the face of the referee. I think the situation got so bad because bad behavior was tolerated for far too long.


I would add that in rugby the referee can and may tell the player who wants to commit a foul (of any kind) to leave the pitch, release the ball, roll it, etc. make the decisions that he makes more clearly and allowing him to show yellow cards for team fouls is also a good point to make it clearer. Football has left too much to interpret.