What attracts customers to a company

Company party: 3 tips that attract and retain customers

Anniversaries, summer parties, Christmas parties or inauguration events: company parties are an important part of many companies. They promote cohesion among employees and are also welcomed by customers. An organized event can strengthen the bond between the company and the customer and improve communication. In order for the next company party to be a complete success, this article follows valuable tricks with which the customer relationship can be efficiently expanded and improved.

Company party as an opportunity for the company

Many companies hold company parties for their employees. The Christmas party or the annual summer party are celebrated among the workforce, which promotes employee loyalty and strengthens team spirit. Companies should not focus solely on this, but also hold company parties for and with customers. This gives them the opportunity to get to know their target group personally and to build a relationship with them. Practice shows that far too few companies take advantage of this opportunity. A well-organized event can improve the company's image and be a powerful marketing tool. To celebrate a joint party with customers, there is many occasions:

  • Company anniversary
  • Summer and Christmas parties
  • Inauguration of new business premises or facilities
  • Presentation of new shareholders or managing directors
  • Anniversaries of long-term employees
  • New production line or product development

In addition to good organization, business owners need one teamthat you can rely on. Experienced employees can help to plan and carry out the event. For this reason, you should put together a team that takes care of various organizational matters.

The following points must be observed:

1. Plan the company party step by step

Together with the organization team, the managing director works out a checklist for the company party. This should be systematically processed and ticked off. This is the only way to make sure that all important things are done.

For the preparation of the checklist it is useful to contact past celebrations to orient. Think together about the types of events that have been held in recent years and which of them have been particularly popular with customers. Were there various highlights that delighted the visitors? What kind of company party was extremely well attended? Based on these considerations, the type of company celebration can be determined. If this is the company's first event, you will find below some ideas for the company event that Inspire customers become:

  • Open house with a guided tour of the company premises
  • Christmas Market
  • Oktoberfest
  • Oriental night
  • Cocktail party with dinner show
  • Cooking demonstrations
  • Summer party with games for children
  • Gala evening
  • Charity run

The latter in particular offers entrepreneurs the advantage that the company's image can be greatly improved. A fundraising event such as the charity run often ensures a large participation in the region and receives extensive coverage in newspapers. In addition, when planning, you should not forget to invite journalists to the event. It is also advisable in advance to draw customers' attention to the company party not only by post, but also within the newspaper

2. Define the supporting program

A company party with food and drink stalls is easy to organize, but does not stand out from other events - it is usually boring. Ultimately, the supporting program also decides whether customers are interested in the event or not. You should therefore invest a lot of effort in its design.

A company party should be entertaining and informative. The atmosphere has to be relaxed and the guests have to be kept happy. There are several ways to achieve this. Of Live bands, dance performances, raffles and games Almost everything is allowed that creates a good mood. You should always make sure to adapt the supporting program to the style of the company. A clown at the introduction of a new CEO is usually not a good idea. For a baby and children's supply company, he in turn provides entertainment for the young guests. If possible, try to tailor the program to your company. For example, a photographer can raffle a free photo shoot and set up a photo box with funny accessories.

Further ideas for the supporting program:

  • Solo entertainer / disjockey
  • Talent show
  • Inflatable castles, face painting and pony rides
  • tombola
  • Show and stage acts
  • Sports competitions
  • Cocktail bar with shows

3. Determine the right time for the company party

How well the company party is attended sometimes depends on the optimal time. Because if you are planning an event during the holiday season, for example, you have to expect that many customers will be away. This is especially the case in the summer months and around the Whitsun holidays. It is also less advisable to hold the company party on a working day. In the mornings, most of the customers work themselves and in the evening the drive is hardly available after a strenuous day at work.

So it is ideal to have the company party on the weekend or on one holiday to lay. On the weekends you can not only use the whole day for yourself, the visitors are usually much more relaxed and motivated to visit your event. At what time the event should start depends on the type of celebration. For day events, moderate times between 11 a.m. and 12 p.m. are recommended, so that helping employees and the first guests can sleep as long as possible. Evening events usually start between 6 p.m. and 7 p.m. If you have hired a catering service, you should officially start the party at 6 p.m. Because until all visitors have come and greeted you, you have to calculate at least an hour. A champagne reception and finger food keep the guests happy when the meal is still a long way off.