Can someone help me understand AMCAT

Here's how to prepare for the on-campus hiring process

So the big days for the student in his career are just around the corner.

Ok, let me tell you about me. I was in my eighth semester and was informed from the start that we would have an internship on campus. Basically, I wasn't particularly interested because I wanted to choose a higher degree. Totally determined and with a firm goal in mind.

Then the day came when we had our first campus internship at our university. Even though the company was newly formed, I thought about giving it a try. I was literally nervous for the first time in an interview because it was my first. I thought whether or not I get the job, I would surely take the experience from here today. That was the trust in me. A little hope and a little confidence.

They had a PPT (actually any company before the interview starts) in which they told us about their company and job profile. Then we had a GD (group discussion) in which we addressed the topic “Is Westernization Beneficial or Detrimental to Indian Culture?” Received.

There were about 60 students for the job and he gave 2 minutes each to speak. So the DG started and everyone started giving their opinion and I was literally stupid. My heartbeat rose to over 100 as if it weren't going to stay in my chest any longer, my body started to sweat, my eyes went completely blank, and I was very nervous. Suddenly the interviewer asks if there is anyone left to speak and I regained consciousness and told myself that this is the day you have been waiting for to prove yourself. Come on man you can do it, you are the best speaker and damn sure if you speak that everyone is listening.

And the shit happens. Yes, it literally happens. I expressed my opinion very differently as most of the people were talking about girls' western dresses that I gave them for economic reasons.

And you know what it means to be different, to attract attention, to have a good vocabulary and to show a high voice, how confident you are of making eye contact when you speak, makes an impression and, last but not least, body language and posture that you show makes you completely different from others.


Remember, by the time you go all the way to the face-to-face interview, the attitude you show is completely different from others. Be safe and confident and the most important thing is patience too. Some interviews can also last 12 to 13 hours if the number of applicants is higher.

If it's not your first time selected, it's fine, but don't give up hope. Every time you go to an interview, you get something new to direct. When I had to learn how to deal with my nervousness in the GD group.

Have a bright future and good luck buddy !!!!

Your PJ