Why did I dream of a hospital?

When a hospital appears in the dream, it can either represent a place of security or a place where existence is threatened and vulnerable.
That depends on your attitude towards the hospital from.

If you dream of a hospital walking past and not wanting to go in it is good for you because it means you have real friends -
good and self-sacrificing who want to help you in any situation.

The hospitalbuilding in a dream
One sees one in a dream hospital, this often indicates fears. In the waking world, the dreamer is usually quite happy at the moment. Suffering and death seem very distant here and thoughts about the finiteness of life are suppressed.

~ for healthy people: signs of mild illness.
Clinic for the sick: recovery and recovery; someone will take care of you.
See the clinic: there is good news in the house, but a sick visit will be made.

. our soul household is in disarray. Also the respective floor on which the ~ can draw attention to mental deficiencies in certain areas of the body.

. lies, the oppressive worries, which he cannot master without outside help, - they usually have nothing with them ~ to do, but are more psychological. So it can be that he experiences a transition on the spiritual level.

~Dream interpretation
See in a dream ~, you have a sick visit ahead of you that you look forward to with concern. As a patient, lie in the ~, you receive valuable help with a project.

The exact interpretation of this sleepy symbol depends on your attitude towards the ~ from. When a ~ appears as a safe place in your dream means ...
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When you wake up you can still remember exactly the picture: A bed in ~, at the foot of a male nurse who suddenly turned into a creepy clown. Wow, that was scary! But what does it mean?

~ - Illness
~ Association: healing; Confinement. Question: What can be healed in me? General: The exact interpretation of this dream symbol depends on the attitude of the dreaming to hospitals.

See that ~Office - in trouble on the real illness. Be careful in their sexual encounters as well as pay attention to the behavior of a partner. He would be the cause of the trouble.

An illness that one has in a dream usually symbolizes feelings of inferiority and guilt, weakness, lack of self-confidence and the fear of not being able to cope with life.

See also doctor~Left: Execution of the body Right and under the individual limbs ...

Change of scene. in the ~. I worry about the burned man. The absurd question arises in me whether he will be able to father children at all. The doctors tell me he'll be fine - which is incredible since he was completely burned before my very eyes.

If you dream that you are on your way to the ~Having a baby then it means your problems of dependence and your desire to be cared for completely. Maybe you're trying to get out of responsibility.

Maybe you dream of ins ~ to go to have a baby, but you also want to have a demon baby or a baby of another race. One can dream of a crying baby or a smiling baby.

If you as such in a ~work, you will patiently endure mental suffering.
Do you employ one, announce a serious illness or an unfortunate encounter between friends.
Leaving her home is a sign of good family health.

To see your mother in one ~ dies is a subconscious suggestion that you will have a breakthrough in life. If you cry in the dream your mother dies in, it means that you are worried about losing something important.

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After returning from his year of military service in 1881, he received his doctorate in medicine and then went on to general ~ employed in Vienna, where he was involved in the discovery of the analgesic effects of cocaine.

Crows over-autumnal or wintry landscapes and bare fields indicate profound fatigue, fear of potency and resignation. Exhortation to greater self-confidence and a stronger will to live. ~: Helplessness, need for protection, strong conflict situation.

As soon as she ran out onto the street, she felt a pain in her right thigh. She was hit and can no longer move. Then the scene changes, she is lying with a leg in plaster ~There are many flowers around her and she notices how peaceful the atmosphere is.

The doctor who shared a patient with a certain kind of twitching among other patients in the same room ~e did not appear astonished when he found out one morning that this particular hysterical attack had been copied.

the own hand: the scope of action is restricted, or one gives others too little,
of one's own leg: one can or should no longer flee, - one is on the wrong path of life.
(See also 'doctor', '~',' Left ',' Execution ',' Body ',' Right 'and under each limb) ...

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