How can I fix a cuckoo clock

  • The components of a cuckoo clock are: the case, the clockwork, the cuckoo whistles, the pendulum and the weights.

  • The movement is completely dismantled.

  • The condition of the wheels, wheel journals, drives and wheel teeth is examined.

  • The clockwork is ultrasonically cleaned in an ammonia solution.

  • The wheels and sinkers must be dried well.

  • The wheels are inserted into the sinkers.

  • Assembling the clockwork, inspecting the wheel journals in the warehouse.

  • Measurement of the wheel journal thickness.

  • Drilling out of the old, oval bearing.

  • Insertion of the new bearing.

  • Pressing in the new bearing.

  • When all bearings have been replaced, reassemble the movement and check the fit of the journals and bearings. The bearing chucks may have to be reworked.

  • Assembling the clockwork, setting the striking mechanism and the cuckoo call.

  • Installation of clockwork and cuckoo whistles in the case.

  • Often the old cuckoo pipes have to be reupholstered with goatskin so that the cuckoo can call again.

Exemplary procedure for a repair on a cuckoo clock from around 1860.

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