Are Greece and Greeks lgbt friendly

LGBT in Greece is the pulsating life of a rising gay scene

Hospitable as ever, welcome modern Greeks each with open arms on their coasts. The sheen of the sky over Attica is reflected in her smile and open demeanor. The ancient free-standing statues, called “Kouroi” and incomparably beautiful and noble, best symbolize the city as the proud guardian of perfection and harmony. Today's “Kouroi” are the young people in the hotspots of Athens with their radiant self-confidence and steel bodies that resemble the marble statues.

Athens, a capital full of contrasts

Tradition and progress are in perfect harmony in Athens. The heart of a thriving city beats in this ancient cityGay scene and offers completely new perspectives.

The Acropolis and Plaka: In the heart of the city

The starting point is the Acropolis, the embodiment of classical ancient art and greatness. At the bottom of the hill, the streets of Plaka begin with their white cobblestones and the smell of basil in the air. Don't resist the temptation and take a seat in front of one of the cafés for a short break while shopping for souvenirs. There is something wonderful to discover on every corner; the mosque, the hammam, the city's first university or the Roman agora.

Lykabettus: The best all-round view

Climb the city mountain Lykabettus, the most popular spot for romantics, and enjoy the glittering city at your feet as the sun sets.

Gazi-Metaxourgio: Center of the gay scene with an industrial atmosphere

This is the hub of Athens' gay scene and entertainment. Dancing through the night is a must. Gay Athens by Night is a highlight, but there are plenty of other fantastic locations such as Sodade 2, S-Cape, Noiz and APARTMENT. The Big Bar, Myrovolos or ENODIA, where you can get coffee and more, and TAMARIND, PROSOPA and MEXICANOS with their incredible kitchens, ensure sufficient energy.

Thisio-Monastiraki Agia Irini Square: old bazaars, new trends

For the latest fashion trends, take a look at ES COLLECTION and then fortify yourself with a meal at ROOSTER on Agia Irini square. This is the best place to take a breather and share shopping experiences. Aiolou Street and the surrounding streets also have plenty of hip cafes, bars and clubs. If you are more interested in the avant-garde, take a look around the galleries and live music events. In short, city life is waiting for you here. Then, when you need a break from all the hustle and bustle, take advantage of the relaxing FLEX SAUNA.

Attic Riviera: relaxation on the coast

Summer starts early on the Attic Riviera, just 15 minutes from Syntagma Square. From Flisvos to Cape Sounia you are spoiled for choice: water sports or nude sunbathing? Beach bars or taverns? Spa in a luxury resort, sailing or a round of golf? Paradise has never been so close!

Cultural tour

Time for a bit of culture. The National Archaeological Museum has more than 11,000 exhibits and the Acropolis Museum has unique originals of Greek masterpieces. Finally, the Museum of Cycladic Art and the Benaki Museum will delight the art lover

Outview Film Festival, Days of Queer Cinema, has been around for ten years. Premieres, awards, stars and outstanding figures from the film industry make the international one LGBTQI Film Festival a stunning experience in Athens every spring. Athens Pride, with more and more participants, has also become an institution.

To Thessaloniki

With the White Tower as a landmark, Thessaloniki will let the emotions boil at cultural events like the Thessaloniki Pride or that Panorama Gay Festivalwho are massively supported here. Historic sites for the culturally interested and wonderful shopping on Tsimiski Street. Make sure to visit the Design Museum while you're in town, the State Museum of Contemporary Art, the Museum of Photography and maybe even drive out to the archaeological site in Vergina or jump into crystal clear waters at Halkidiki.

Turn night into day in Mykonos

Mykonos is the gay Mecca. Margaritas, muscular bodies, dream beaches, VIPs, immaculate Cycladic architecture, designer things in Matoyannia, restaurants, bars, nightclubs and luxury hotels will overwhelm you. The established Xlsior Festival in August attracts top DJs. The colorful neighborhood of Little Venice on the water and the famous windmills form the photogenic backdrop, while the archaeological sites of Delos, the island of Apollons, capture the imagination.

Come to Greece and enjoy the perfect holiday cocktail: Radiant sun and dream beaches, timeless history, vibrant nightlife and art events, and everything packed in a luxury package that is tailor-made for you.